CUMBRIA U18 Boy's Tennis Team having been competing at the LTA's annual inter-county cup competition held in Sheffield over playing against teams from Northamptonshire, East of Scotland and Avon.

On the first two days Cumbria beat East of Scotland 5-4 but lost to Northamptonshire 5-4 meaning going into the final day three teams could gain promotion but also three could still be relegated.

On a thrilling final day Cumbria needed to beat Avon 6–3 and also better Northamptonshire's score against East of Scotland to gain promotion. A fantastic performance from the Cumbria boys saw an 8–1 thrashing of Avon and meant the team had gained back-to-back promotions, they will now compete next year in Division 4 the highest division Cumbria will have competed in for a long time.