Longridge 4.

K’y Stephen 2.

QUICK-reacting Jenny Sayer knocked in Debbie Barr’s saved shot to put Kirkby ahead from a penalty corner for a changed Kirkby Stephen at Longridge in Northern Women’s 2 West.

Longridge levelled within a few minutes and with Kirkby’s morale a bit dented they scored twice more in quick succession for a 3-1 lead.

Kirkby kept their heads high in the second half and scored a second when Barr lifted a clean strike over the diving keeper to rattle the backboard.

When Barr made a goal-line save with her leg, the umpire had no option than to award Longridge a penalty flick. Although Nicky Longworth made contact in a diving save, the ball rolled over the line.

When Mel Earl’s shot was similarly stopped on the line for Kirkby, Barr stepped up to take the penalty flick but to no avail and Kirkby lost 4-2.