Former WBA lightweight world champion Anthony Crolla revealed his devastation after the gym he trained in was destroyed by fire.

The 33-year-old retired in November and started his amateur career at the gym in Manchester before he took it over 18 months ago.

Crolla told the BBC: “The gym was packed out every night with kids, it was a big part of the community,

“The gym is destroyed, the building is just a shell. There are a lot of other businesses, this is not just about me. This is people’s livelihoods.

“We will come back better than ever, without a doubt, but I am worried with the current coronavirus situation that it will take more time.

“And while I am devastated, I understand that there are bigger things happening.

“There are people who are losing their lives all the time. You have to put things into perspective. I know that as a young amateur club we will come back better than ever and come through this.”