Kendal Wall hosted the first round of the popular Marmot Masters bouldering competition.

The venue was buzzing with excitement as competitors began tackling the courses, with round one of this year’s competition having received the highest number of competitors taking part in the first round, once again exceeding all expectations on previous years.

The competition consisted of 20 set bouldering problems of increasing difficulty, a speed route on the routing roof and a competition style route on the circuit board, all to be completed in four hours.

Head route setter, Adam Hocking, and his team set the range of routes, from beginner routes through to problems that would test the very best climbers in the country.

Highlights of the competition included an incredibly close run junior male category, with Keswick-based climber Adam Jackson taking first position by a single point.

Hocking said: “I am delighted to see that, yet again, the competition has attracted strong numbers of competitors with rising numbers of junior competitors coming down to compete.

"The positive feedback we have received about the competition and the routes from them has been fantastic. We are all looking forward now to round two."

There will be three further rounds, with round two on Friday, November 24, and round three on Friday, January 26. The final round will take place on Friday, March 9.

It is not too late for anyone to get involved in these competition evenings as only the competitors' three best scores count towards the final scores.

Bouldering is the most accessible type of climbing for anyone to be able to get started independently at Kendal Wall. It consists of short climbs, at low level, above the safety of a crash mat. It’s a fun, sociable and physical sport only requiring a pair of hire shoes, chalk for your hands and some determination.

The Lakeland Climbing Centre would like to thank their sponsors Marmot for helping us create these events.

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