KENDAL RUFC director of rugby Steve Whitehead said his side are yet to assert themselves on visiting teams to Mintbridge on games played on the grass pitch.

The only home wins Kendal have recorded this season were against Kirkby Lonsdale and Birkenhead Park, both of which were moved to the artificial surface.

Back on on the grass surface on Saturday, Kendal lost 24-17 to a Rossendale side they had already beaten away from home earlier in the season.

Despite the defeat, Whitehead said it showed the progress of this Kendal side to compete against opposition like Rossendale who are able to invest heavily in their squad.

"I think the lads will be a bit disappointed with the performance but you can't deny we were very evenly matched, which is surprising given the investment they have made in their squad," he said.

"It's pleasing to see how close we are to a side like that and it shows how far we've come.

"But Rossendale seemed to want it more on Saturday, they were more ferocious across the park, and we're yet to make the most of being the home side in games we've played on the grass."

Whitehead will be hoping that changes when the league's bottom club – Pocklington – visit Mintbridge on Saturday, although he was aware of the challenge their precarious league position brings with it.

"They bring that fighting spirit because their season is critical now," he said.

"From our perspective, we have to be mindful of but as the home side we need to be asserting that advantage.

"We can expect a ferocious Pocklington side who will be looking to fight but we're also looking to secure our position and not put too much pressure on ourselves."