A KENDAL man made a video of himself climbing onto the roof of Liverpool’s Anfield Football Stadium.

Kain Hogg climbed onto the roof of the 50,000-seat stadium on October 25 at 3:30am with another individual and uploaded a video of the stunt onto YouTube. 

The video shows the well-known vlogger entering the stadium after crawling under a barrier, before walking up the stairs of the building where some construction work had been taking place.

Due to the darkness of the video, it is not clear where Kain moved to once he gained entry, but he is later seen reaching the top of the stadium where the lighten up pitch can be seen below.

He and his companion take a few moments to admire the view before climbing higher to the roof.

On the roof Kain addresses his viewers as he looks out over the grounds: “Look at this, guys, the premier league football club.

“Some of you might say otherwise but I’d say this is one of the most well-known football clubs in the world.

“They’re not doing that great this season, but whatever team you support you’ve got to take your hat off to this team.”

Kain and his friend leave soon after saying they were ‘lost for words’ at the view.

He added: “The adrenaline.

“This is like the riskiest thing I’ve done, and it’s so easy.”

The pair have a brief conversation on the phone with another person who asks how easy it was to enter the stadium, before returning to the ground and leaving.

Kain Hogg is well known for performing stunts and uploading videos of his exploits on YouTube.

In 2021, he videoed himself climbing up the Silver Jubilee Bridge in Halton.

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