The long, hot summer of 2018 shows no immediate sign of ending.

Locals and visitors have basked in soaring temperatures for weeks - recalling a similar summer way back in 1976 that is still a fond memory for many people.

Of course, the dry spell is bringing some problems, particularly for farmers and for the water companies, with a hosepipe ban imminent in the North West.

But, for once, we are enjoying some glorious summer weather and we want to celebrate that by publishing your photos.

If you have taken any photographs that reflect the spirit of the summer of 2018 then please send them to and we shall aim to publish as many as we can in The Westmorland Gazette and on our website

It might be a picture of you and your family and friends enjoying a barbecue or ice cream; a glorous view of the Lake District under clear blue skies or anything that you think helps to sum up this summer.

In the meantime enjoy the sunshine - while it lasts!