NEARLY all parents applying for primary school placements in Cumbria have found out that they have been successful in securing their first choice of school.

Out of 4,420 applicants in Cumbria, 96 per cent were offered a place at their favoured school with 99 per cent securing a place at one of their three preferred options.

In North Yorkshire 94 per cent secured their first choice while in Lancashire that figure stood at 88.4 per cent.

Coun Anne Burns, Cumbria County Council cabinet member for children’s services, said: “It’s great news that yet again such an overwhelming majority have secured their first preference.

“We want Cumbria to be a fantastic place to grow up and be a child and an important part of that is ensuring children can attend the schools their parents and carers want them to go to.

“While most will be very pleased with the result of their applications, where places are refused, applicants have the right of appeal to an independent admission appeal panel.”

In North Yorkshire there were 5,909 applicants.

“We are very pleased that so many of our families have once again been able to gain their first preference from their choice of schools”, said County Coun Arthur Barker, North Yorkshire’s executive member for schools.

“We wish all the children starting primary school in September all the best and hope they will enjoy their education in North Yorkshire schools.”

And in Lancashire, where a total of 13,077 children were accepted into primary school, County Coun Matthew Tomlinson said: "This is an exciting but tense time of year for parents as they find out where their children will be going on their first day of school.

"However, I know it can be very disappointing for parents if they are one of the few who don't get one of their preferences, and our local admissions teams will be happy to give information and advice."

Nationally up to four in ten children missed out on their first choice primary school in some parts of England and there were warnings of a mounting admissions crisis.

For any Cumbrian applicants who have changed their mind about the school their child has been accepted at should email: or on 01228 221582.