Blencathra is one step closer to being publicly owned.

An action group dedicated to gazumping foreign buyers have applied for ‘Saddleback’ to become an Asset of Community Value.

Eden District Council confirmed they received the application today, Friday, June 6.

If successful, becoming a community asset would delay the sale of the £1.75million mountain by six months to give the action group the time to raise enough funds to buy it themselves.

To become a community asset ‘Saddleback’ must be deemed to be of special cultural, social or historical value - which is likely as it has ancient sheep grazing rights.

However, Lord Lonsdale, who is selling the mountain to pay £9million inheritance tax, would not be forced to sell Blencathra to the action group even if they do riase the money.



Debbie Cosgrove, Chairman of Friends of Blencathra, said: “This is what we have been saying we were going to do all along.

"We have now got letters of support from the Police Commissioner and members of the House of Lords.

"We continue to campaign but we have passed the legal pack on to our QC.

"We’re still looking for a meeting with Lord Lonsdale but it’s all going very well.”

Paul Foote, Director of Corporate and Legal Services at Eden District Council, said: “We will now consider the application from the Friends of Blencathra Group to list the mountain as a community asset and ensure it meets the statutory requirements.

“We will also consult with the Parish Councils for Threlkeld and Mungrisedale.

“The application will be considered by the Council’s Executive within the eight week period for determination.”