Steve Barber, owner of Steven Barber Photography Ltd

BACKGROUND Proud to have been born and brought up in Kendal. I love my hometown and the area.

FIRST JOB Trainee photographer at The Westmorland Gazette. More than anything I learned to deal with people.

QUALIFICATIONS Studied in Sheffield and qualified as an NCTJ press photographer in 1989. I still attend courses and seminars.

PERSONAL SKILLS 90 per cent of my work is dealing with people. Good communication skills are essential. I meet people from all walks of life.

FAVOURITE BUSINESS MEMORY The one event I often remember is the day Donald Campbell’s boat Bluebird was recovered from Coniston Water in 2001. I was the first photographer there at about 4am!

BEST BUSINESS ADVICE It’s all very well selling a great product or service but you will ultimately be judged on how you deal with things when they don’t quite go to plan – so good customer service is key.

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