THE Pied Piper of Hamelin is Silverdale Players' festive fable running at The Gaskell Hall, Silverdale, from Wednesday-Saturday, December 6-9 (7.30pm).

Directed by Muriel Hildrew, the curtains open to reveal that Hamelin’s greedy Mayor, the notorious Herr Otto von Pumpernickel (played by local hotelier Richard Binks) is up for re-election. So, Otto von P and his fellow town councillors, Herr Klipp (Peter Barfoot) and Herr Kutt (Kathy Talbot), are determined that his opponent, Mercedes van Hire (Lynn Fieldhouse), will not win.

When the town is invaded by rats, the Mayor, with his eye on winning votes, hires a magical Piper to get rid of them. The Pied Piper (Sophie Bodenham) keeps his promise to get rid of them, but the greedy Mayor refuses to pay for his services.

However, in true panto style, the consequences of his actions are suitably dire.

Written by Hilary Mackelden, the knockout action takes place in Hamelin’s Town Square and in the mountains around the town.

The players' Wednesday, Thursday and Friday Gaskell Hall performances are staged with theatre seating; Saturday will be the hall laid out cabaret style.

Tickets for The Pied Piper of Hamelin are available from the Newsagents, Emesgate Lane, Silverdale.