CRIME prevention advice has been dished out across Cumbria as part of Community Policing Week.

Officers from Cumbria Police have been out and about in force talking to residents about what matters most to them.

Inspector Jon Sherlock, who oversees community safety in Cumbria, also praised the work which goes on ‘behind the scenes’ by crime prevention officers.

So far this week, police have visited vulnerable victims of crime, including those who have suffered at the hands of burglars, domestic violence and cold callers.

They have also been involved in trying to secure funding from various organisations to help improve security, such as extra street lighting.

Inspector Sherlock said: “The work done by the crime prevention officers is invaluable and it is beneficial to highlight this during Community Safety Week, as it has a positive impact on the local communities.

“They have a varied range of skills, all of which focus on preventing people from becoming a victim of crime, helping those who are in difficult circumstances to feel safer in their homes and trying to improve the neighbourhoods for our local residents.

“The crime prevention officers within community safety are all ACPO accredited, so you know the advice you receive is both professional and appropriate.

“The advice they give goes much further than ‘lock your windows’ and ‘bolt your doors’; they provide professional crime prevention advice tailored to your individual circumstances.

“The work they do throughout the year helps to keep crime low in Cumbria, making it one of the safest places to live in the country.”

For more crime prevention advice, visit

Information on the site includes tips to keep your house safe at

Cumbria Police’s crime prevention office can be contacted on 101.