MOTORISTS are being urged to slash their speed on a road used by schoolchildren, after one driver was clocked travelling at up to 80mph.

Cumbria county councillor John McCreesh has issued the plea to drivers on Burneside Road, Kendal, which, he says, is ‘an accident waiting to happen’.

He said the road, which has a 30mph limit, is used by youngsters walking from the Hallgarth estate to Queen Katherine School. Many of them, he said, crossed at the railway bridge, meaning they could not see, or be seen, until the very last second.

“Police were out a couple of times last year and put speed detectors on the road. They also caught some people speeding and they were prosecuted,” he said. “But despite all the police work, over 30 per cent of vehicles are still being driven at a speed that police would prosecute them at.

“For most roads in Kendal it is nowhere near 30 per cent – more like 10 or less – so this is too high.”

The automatic detectors have revealed hundreds of cars travelling at dangerous speeds, including a van recorded going at 80mph.

“The consequences of that kind of speed don’t bear thinking about,” said Coun McCreesh.

It is thought more cars speed as they travel away from the town centre. Now speed reduction measures are to be taken, which residents are currently being consulted on.

Coun McCreesh said that plans were initially considered to make the road narrower, so that cars would have to slow down approaching the bridge.

But Cumbria Highways engineers have since recommended building a long speed hump on the road, which will also create a safer and more obvious crossing place.

It is hoped traffic calming measure will be in place by early summer.

Stephen Coleman, South Lakeland district councillor for Kendal Strickland, said: “One of the concerns raised by residents is about children crossing the road. But another concern is for pedestrians walking underneath the railway bridge.”

He added: “The sooner people get the message about slowing down the better.”