A Furness teenager faced trial this afternoon charged with causing the death of an Ulverston father by dangerous driving.

George Tyson, 61, died at the scene of the incident on the A5087 at Bardsea in January of last year, when he was out walking with his 32-year-old son.

During the opening of 18-year-old Jamie Skelton’s trial today, the jury heard how Mr Tyson was hit by a ‘giveway’ sign, which caused fatal injuries.

Prosecuting Arthur Gibson said that this was caused by Skelton’s car being ‘out of control.

He said: “It (the car) swerved to the left, struck the nearside grass verge, span across the road to the offside, went down the offside pavement backwards and struck a ‘giveway’ sign, knocking it to the ground.

“That collision did not stop the car. It continued backwards over the sign.

“The force of the pole hitting the tarmac had caused the sign itself to become detached from the pole. It was caught up in the car’s rear wheels and was flung out like a metal frisbee or boomerang.

“It struck Mr Tyson full in the face causing catastrophic injuries to his face and neck.”

The prosecutor cited several witnesses who described the Barrow teenager driving at ‘excessive speed’.

Some of these witnesses, alongside the defence, will be heard as the trial continues at Preston Crown Court tomorrow.

Skelton pleaded not guilty to death by dangerous driving on a previous court appearance.