ON what is believed to have been the hottest day of the year, Cumbria Police have tonight issued an urgent appeal to people to stop jumping off Devil's Bridge at Kirkby Lonsdale.

Following days of hot weather and local anxiety increasing that there will be another fatality, police have publically appealed for daredevils to stop before someone dies.

Soaring temperatures today have significantly reduced water levels and increased the chances of someone hitting below surface rocks or the river bed, say police.

Inspector David Stalker, of Cumbria Police, said in a statement: “People who take risks such as these are putting their own lives and the lives of the rescue services at risk.

"Jumping off bridges into the river is completely senseless and dangerous act and could end up tragedy.

“I urge people to please consider the consequences of jumping from the bridge, it is not safe and could end up resulting in serious injury. Don’t take the chance it is not worth the risk.”

A year ago, Darrell Teal, a 22-year-old man, died jumping from the 30ft bridge into water far deeper than exists at the moment.

This week, Coun Paul Stephenson, of Kirkby Lonsdale Town Council, said a  bylaw and signage was being blatantly ignored.

He has called for police to be more pro-active at the site and believes only when jumpers are hauled before the courts will there be a genuine deterrent.

South Lakeland District Council has said it would send enforcement officers to the scene although it is not clear if they are monitoring the situation over the weekend.

Police said this week that instead of watching, spectators had a role to play in warning jumpers they are putting their lives at risk.

A year ago, local coroner Ian Smith said people should seriously 'think twice'.