THE Westmorland show season got off to a super start as thousands embraced a new venue for the curtain raiser.

North Lonsdale Agricultural Show saw young and old descend on the Recreation Hall Fields, Urswick, near Ulverston, after a move from the former Bardsea Park site.

And the change was welcomed, with organisers hailing the day a ‘great success’. Vice chair Will Case, of Ulverston, said: “It’s been a lot of hard work from everyone on the organising committee but everything seems to have come together really nicely.

“I think everyone involved is pleased with how many people have turned out – it seems busier than ever, and it’s nice that the people of Urswick have received it so well.”

Standards were set high as the proud owners of cattle, sheep, horses, poultry and rabbits battled it out for rosettes and ribbons.

Alice’s Dog Show, set up last year in aid of Alice’s Escapes, the charity started by late Ulverston teenager Alice Pyne, also returned.

In the cattle ring, Andrew Dennison wowed with his two-and-a-half year old Holstein, Denmire Goldwyn Reba, who took the top prize. Mr Dennison, of Scales, said he was ‘very glad to have won’.

“There has been a really high quality standard of cattle this year which makes the win even better,” he said.

“I have been coming here for more years than I can remember and it’s the best turnout I have seen for quite a few.”

Judge Jimmy Capstick said the winner was an ‘excellent heifer’.

“She walked well with a good top line and had an excellent udder,” added the Whicham Valley judge.

Watching the cream of the crop in the arena was the Lord family and their friend Anne Brockbank, of Ulverston, who said: “We love the shows and follow them all over the country. The new venue is a nice setting – the field is much better as it is not on a hill anymore.

“It’s great to see young families here showing their animals as farming is still really important.”

Over in the sheep pens James Collinge and his step-daughter Jody Winder were celebrating after their aged ewe picked up the supreme champion sheep gong.

Mr Collinge, who lives in Lockerbie but originates from Askham, said: “She came second at the Great Yorkshire show this year and third at another, so I am really pleased with taking first here.

“I used to come here as a child and help a family with their cattle so I like to come back because I always see it as my local show.”

Visitors were treated to marquees full of local foodie goods and crafts and the youngsters were kept entertained by donkey rides, trampolines, candy floss and a bucking bronco.

Children also admired a tent full of rabbits, including Peter Faint and Alan Cargo’s furry red-eyed white Angora Petala stud, which won best in show.

Cups and Trophies Sheep Sawrey Cup, best turned out lamb: Sam Wood. John Jackson Trophy, champion Suffolk: J Airey. Society’s Trophy, champion rare and minority breeds: B&J Watson. Cumbria Agricultural Services Trophy, champion Teeswater: M Benson. Champion Beltex: J Collinge. Ulverston Auction Mart plc Perpetual Challenge Cup, best pen 4 butchers lambs: L Armistead. E L Hartley Perpetual Challenge Cup, champion animal in sheep classes: J Collinge. Charles Leece Trophy, best animal opposite to champion: Adam Mawson. R L Park Perpetual Challenge Cup, best group of 3 sheep, male/female: J Airey. West Cumberland Farmers Perpetual Challenge Cup, best pair of females, any breed: S Thomason. Furness Brick & Tile Trophy, champion Jacob: P Murray. Briton Motors Trophy, champion Texel: W&MM Case. Willman Farm Supplies Trophy, champion Bluefaced Leicester: S Thomason.  Champion sheep classes: J Collinge. Reserve champion in sheep classes: A Mawson. Crop. JL Thompson Silver Perpetual Challenge Cup, best cereal crop: S&M Cooper. Cattle A B Beck Perpetual Challenge Cup, best farmers group in Class 1: Messrs Dennison. G C W Waite Perpetual Trophy, best 3 animals class 2: Messrs Dennison. Breeders Perpetual Challenge Shield, best maiden heifer class 8: J Woodhouse. W I Towers Perpetual Challenge Cup, champion dairy heifer classes 6,7,8: Messrs Dennison. Norman Brear Memorial Perpetual Challenge Cup, champion dairy heifer: Messrs Dennison. Walmsley & Smith Perpetual Challenge Cup, champion beef animal classes 9-12: S Benson. J Bibby & Sons Perpetual Challenge Shield, champion beef female: F Saunders. Society Trophy, champion any native beef animal, classes 13-15: P&JJ & Samual Stubbs. Park House Farm Club, best turned out calf class 20: S Cooper. RB&LJ Satterthwaite Trophy, best dairy calf: H Sowerby. Park House Dairies Cup, best calf handler, class 21: Robert Rawlinson. Hodgson & Coward Perpetual Challenge Trophy, best calf handler U11 class 21: Ben Sowerby. John Langhorn Trophy, champion commercial beef animal: I Rawlinson. Society Trophy, champion commercial beef, opposite: S Benson. Colonel R Thompson Challenge Cup, champion diary female classes 4-8: Messrs Dennison. Wareing Wrea Green Trophy, champion commercial beef female: S Benson. Corporation of Barrow-in-Furness Perpetual Challenge Cup, champion male/female: F Saunders. Thomas Burton Memorial Perpetual Challenge Cup, best pair female: Messrs Dennison. WD Cooper Perpetual Challenge Cup, champion three female animals: Messrs Dennison. Horses Woodbine Dairies Trophy, winner ridden ponies class 106: Emily Richardson. Mrs Pru Harvey Silver Challenge Cup, best pony club competitor: Mollie Smith. Exercise Vehicle Private Driving Shield: D Mackay. Ainsty Fairgame Trophy, best exhibit in class 115: C Simpson. R Jackson Perpetual Challenge Cup, best brood mare: I Gawith. Fairfield Saddlery Trophy, champion foal: I Gawith. J Hornby Perpetual Challenge, best exhibit: I Gawith. Dandy Memorial Cup, best veteran: Finley Martin.
WD Opher CBE Perpetual Challenge Cup, champion saddle horse: Karen Higgs. John Shuttleworth Memorial Trophy, best turned out pony & rider, 17yrs & over: Sandra Dacre. M Harland Memorial Trophy, highest placed competitor, 18yrs & over: Kate Watson. Lynn Worrall Memorial Trophy, best turned out pony & rider, 12-16yrs: April Higgin. Mr & Mrs J Dodd Perpetual Challenge Trophy, best Furness Pony Club competitor, U11: Mollie Mae Jeffery. Mrs Murial Shaw Memorial Trophy, best turned out pony & rider, U11: Laura Holley. Tuck Ridden Fell Pony Trophy: Alison Fligg. Edgar Rawlinson Trophy, best turned out pony & rider, U7: Amy Jones. James Milner Trophy, best exhibit classes 84-87: Kate Watson. Grange Travel (Ulverston) Trophy, champion working hunter horse: Molly Smith. Patrick Family Trophy, best lead rein: Amy Jones. Eric Norton Memorial Trophy, highest placed senior in side saddle classes: B Stephenson. Firefly Perpetual Trophy, overall champion driver: C Simpson. Flaxen Seminole (Basil) Memorial Trophy, winner working hunter pony, class 101: Alice Longmire. J M Gaynor Trophy, open nursery stakes, winner class 104: Rosie Smith. Cusop Silhouette Trophy, champion Working Huter Pony: Katie Barnes. Jenny Bells Memorial Cup, champion mountain & moorland working hunter pony, classes 88 & 89: Alison Fligg. Agrilek Trophy, champion working hunter pony confines to society’s district: Alice Longmire. Harry Goodrick Memorial Trophy: Kate Watson. Peter Long Memorial Cup, best gelding classes 107-112: R Stephenson. EH Booth & Co (Ulverston) Ltd Trophy, best shire foal class 111: E Shuttleworth. Joseph Wills Memorial Trophy, best brood mare class 110: L Harrison. Mr & Mrs E Clark Trophy, champion heavy horse: L Harrison. Liberan Star Memorial Trophy, winner junior open jumping class 119: Hannah Johnston. Little Toby Trophy, winner fancy dress: Emily and Olivia Doyle. Brian Greaves (Equine Dentist) Trophy, champion traditional coloured classes 97 & 99: Danni Thexton. Cally Jo Trophy, winner show jumping class 117: Alex Phillips. Thomas Dawson Trophy, winner show jumping class: Michelle Fisher. Lilo Trophy, winner show jumping class: Sophie Plant. Auntie Dot Trophy, champion non-traditional coloured: Ashleigh Hale. NLAS Trophy, best yearling: J&G Dodd.
NLAS Heavy Horse Trophy, best ridden heavy horse: R Stephenson. Poultry North Lonsdale Show Cup, best in show: Mrs J Chorley. North Lonsdale Agricultural Society Rose Bowl, best opposite to best in show: D Dalton. NLAS Tankard, best soft feather: Mrs J Chorley. BOCM Pauls Award, best hard feather: R Askew. NLAS Trophy, best U17 entry: Miss R Mellen. NLAS Cup, best water fowl: J Johnson. NLAS Cup, best true bred bantam: J Benson. Perpetual Silver Challenge Trophy, best eggs: A Martin. Whitehaven Patriotic Poultry Show Cup, best Old English game: R Askew. Perpetual Silver Challenge Cup, best bantam rock: Mrs J Chorley. Plaque for best OEG male bantam: J Dowsett. Plaque for best OEG female bantam: R Askew. Tankard for Best Juvenile: Miss R Mellen. North Lonsdale Show Tankard, most points eggs: GC Taylor. Crafts Mrs L Tyson Memorial Salver, best exhibit in embroidery: Mrs F Whiteside. Mr & Mrs J Hornby Perpetual Challenge Trophy, most points in home industries & embroidery: Mrs A Collar. Mrs B Edmondson Trophy, most points not a member Young Farmers club, U17: Hannah Sowerby. Furness YFC Club Leaders Trophy, most points, U17:P Robert Rawlinson. Lillian Tyson Trophy, most points, U11: Baine Waddington. The Old Mill Cup, most points, U9: Grace Taylor. The Ghyll Garth Cup, most points, U7: Harry Rawlinson. The Marquee Committee Cup, most points, U5: Indianna Foxon. The Domus Trophy, school with most points, U11, 9, 7, 5: Low Furness Perpetual Challenge Trophy, group entry Show Time: Scales WI. Perpetual Silver Challenge Trophy, most points, floral art: Mrs N Halpin. Best exhibit, floral art: Ulverston Flower Club. Elaine Petty Richardson Trophy, runner up, floral art: Mrs M Lockrie. Best exhibit, home produce: Mrs S Wilson. Best exhibit, home-made wine: Mrs S Benson. Perpetual Challenge Trophy, most points, wine: Mrs B Taylor. Perpetual Challenge Cup, most points, home produce: Mrs Bainbridge. Perpetual Challenge Trophy, most points, horticulture: F Barnes. Best exhibit home industries & embroidery: Mrs F Whiteside. Best exhibit, sticks & crooks: R Cannan. Best exhibit, horticulture: F Barnes. Best exhibit, opposite horticulture: Mrs F Whiteside. Pet Competition Champion Pet: Bradley Foxen (Jessy Dog) Home Industries and Embroidery. Patchwork/quilting: 1 C Johnstone; 2 S Benson; 3 A Ellwood. Cross-stitch: 1 S Wilson; 2 A Ellwood; 3 J Graveston. Item of Hardanger: 1 S Benson. Counted thread work other than cross-stitch/hardanger: 1&2 A Ellwood. Crotchet: 1&2 A Collar; 3 S Wilson. Any other coloured embroidery: 1 S Benson. Cushion: 1 A Ellwood; 2 L Hart; 3 S Wilson. Bag, any medium: 1&2 A Collar; 3 P Gillam. Soft toys, any media: 1 S Newsome; 2&3 A Collar. Hand knitted garment: 1 M Dennison; 2 JE Saunders; 3 J Jackson. Hand knitted scarf: 1&3 A Collar; 2 S Thompson. Any handicraft, not specified: 1 S Thompson; 2 AL Collar; 3 L Thomas. Art and Photography. Colour print 5x7 or less. The Weather: 1 J Shaw; 2 A Ellwood; 3 M Fenton. Interesting People: 1 J Dennison; 2 J Shaw; 3 S Benson. Show Stopper: 1 J Shaw; 2 B Jennings; 3 E McKinney. Painting in any other medium, framed or firmly backed: 1 BE Coles; 2&3 J Nicholson. Painting in water colours, framed or firmly backed: 1 BE Coles; 2 J Nicholson; 3 M Hadfield. Pencil drawing, framed or firmly backed: 1 J Shaw; 2 S Newsome; 3 M Hadfield. Sticks and Crooks. Shepherd’s crook in wood: 1 S Whitwell; 2 DM Earl; 3 RW Cannan. Plain walking stock in wood: 1 S Whitwell; 2 RW Cannan; 3 DM Earl. Plain shepherd’s crook with horn head: 1 RW Cannan; 2&3 D Wall. Plain walking stick with horn head: 1 S Whitwell; 2 RW Cannan; 3 D Wall. Crook or stick with ornamental horn head: 1,&3 RW Cannan. Crook or stick with ornamental wood head: 1&2 RW Cannan; 3 Mrs LM Wall. Thumb stick with natural wood or horn head: 1 R Cannan; 2 D Wall; 3 S Whitwell. Plain antler stick, any style: 1 RW Cannan; 2 D Wall; 3 RN Bell. Ornamental antler stick, any style: 1 D Wall; 2&3 Mrs LM Wall. Ladies walking stick: 1&2 R Cannan; 3 S Whitwell. Plain walking stick in wood, 2 piece: 1&3 DM Earl; 2 R Cannan. Half-head stick, wood or horn, any style: 1 DM Earl; 2&3 Mrs LM Wall. Floral Exhibits. ‘Little Gem’ item not more than 4” in any dimension: 1 J McGowan; 2 K Taylor; 3 J Bainbridge. ‘Tea Time’ exhibit not more than 9” in any dimension: 1 K Taylor; 2 L Hart; 3 M Bell. Arrangement using 5 flowers only: 1 N Halpin; 2 M Lockrie; 3 M Bell. Summer Splendour, arrangement using foliage only: 1 JE Bainbridge; 2 N Halpin; 3 J McGowan. Box Clever, arrangement in a box: 1 N Halpin; 2 M Bell; 3 JE Bainbridge. Farmhouse Kitchen: 1 Mrs Lockrie. How does your garden grow, exhibit in a basket: 1 N Halpin; 2 JE Bainbridge; 3 A Baumber. Celebration, arrangement for a special occasion: 1 N Halpin; 2 M Lockrie; 3 J Bainbridge. Handbag decorated for a wedding: 1 M Bell; 2 L Hart; 3 JE Bainbridge. Taste of Summer exhibit 3’x2½’ team of 2 or more: 1 Ulverston Flower Club; 2 Barrow Flower Club. Home made wine. 1 bottle dry red: 1 Mrs B Taylor. 1 bottle sweet red: 1&2 Mrs B Taylor. 1 bottle dry white: 1&2 Mrs B Taylor. 1 bottle sweet white: 1&2 Mrs B Taylor. 1 bottle, liqueur: 1 S Benson; 2&3 MJ Hudson. Baking. One hand-made loaf: 1 JE Bainbridge; 2 R Webster; 3 JM Barnfield. Sweet or savoury loaf, using bread machine: 1 JE Bainbridge. 4 fruit scones: 1 CJ Hudson; 2 V Hudson; 3 S Wilson. Round of shortbread: 1&3 JE Bainbridge; 2 E Stable. 1 swiss roll, filled with jam: 1 S Wilson; 2 CJ Hudson; 3 JE Bainbridge. 4 biscuits: 1 E Stable; 2 CJ Hudson; 3 JE Bainbridge. Tea bread: 1 JM Barnfield; 2 BE Coles; 3 L Storey. Fruit pie on plate: 1 S Wilson. 4 pieces of 1 tray bake: 1 JE Bainbridge; 2 L Coward; 3 S Benson. 4 pieces of gingerbread: 1 S Benson; 2 J Hunter; 3 B Hudson. Victoria sandwich, 1 cake, split: 1 V Hudson; 2 KA Walley; 3 Mrs Kendall. Cherry cake: 1 S Benson; 2 JE Bainbridge; 3 J Hunter. 4 cup cakes: 1 Mrs Kendall; 2 J Crowe; 3 L Coward. Carrot cake: 1 J Crowe; 2 JE Bainbridge; 3 KA Walley. Jar of chutney: 1 S Newsome; 2 JE Bainbridge; 3 KA Walley. Jar of lemon cheese: 1 C Hudson; 2 V Hudson; 3 S Benson. Jar of marmalade: 1 N Misra; 2 B Taylor; 3 AD Lewthwaite-Taylor. 2 jars of jam, 2 varieties: 1 S Newsome; 2 N Misra; 3 B Taylor. Dish rum butter: 1 B Taylor; 2&3 S Benson. 7 chocolate truffles of 1 variety: 1 J Nicholson. 7 peppermint creams: 1 S Benson. Vegetables. Any other vegetable unspecified: 1 J Maddock; 2 L Storey; 3 N Halpin. Plate of 4 white potatoes: 1 Miss A Smith; 2&3 Sandside Lodge. Plate of 4 coloured potatoes: 1 Miss A Smith; 2 L Storey. Plate of 5 runner beans: 1 F Whiteside. Plate of 5 tomatoes: 1 N Halpin; 2 N Misra; 3 Sandside Lodge. 6 pods broad beans: 1 BE Coles; 2 J Maddock; 3 AP Mayes. Plate of 6 pods of green peas: 1 L Storey; 2 J Maddock; 3 BE Coles. A lettuce, any variety: 1 N Misra; 2 AD Lewthwaite-Taylor; 3 BE Coles. Plate of 6 shallots: 1 N Misra. Cucumber: 1 AP Mayes; 2 D Wilkinson; 3 J Maddock. Culinary cabbage, with clean roots: 1 N Halpin; 2 N Misra; 3 Miss A Smith. 3 beetroot with tops: 1 Freya Gray; 2 J Maddock; 3 Miss A Smith. 3 sticks of rhubarb: 1 J Maddock; 2 AD Lewthwaite-Taylor; 3 N Misra. 3 onions: 1&2 Miss A Smith; 3 N Misra. Collection of not less than 4 kinds of vegetables: 1 N Misra; 2 A Smith; 3 Sandside Lodge. Plate of soft fruit: 1 F Whiteside; 2 BE Coles; 3 AD Lewthwaite-Taylor. Chilli plant in pot: 1 AP Mayes; 2 Miss A Smith; 3 N Misra. Flowers. Sweet peas: 1 D Wilkinson. Spike of Gladiolus: 1 N Misra; 2&3 D Wilkinson. Lily stem: 1 N Halpin. Bowl or containers, mixed: 1 F Barnes; 2 AP Mayes; 3 N Misra. Vases. Perennials, no more than 12 stems: 1 N Halpin; 2&3 F Barnes. Mixed annuals other than sweet peas, not more than 12 stems: 1 N Halpin. 3 stems of floribunda roses: 1&2 F Barnes; 3 J Nicholson. 6 roses: 1&2 F Barnes. 3 roses: 1&2 F Barnes; 3 N Misra. Specimen rose: 1&3 F Barnes; 2 N Misra. Rose buttonhole with any foliage: 1&3 F Barnes; 2 JE Bainbridge. Corsage using any sort: 1 F Barnes; 2 JE Bainbridge. Stem 4 different flowers: 1&2 F Barnes; 3 N Halpin. Spray 3 different shrub in vase: 1 J Nicholson; 2 AD Lewthwaite-Taylor; 3 JM Barnfield. Small medium decorative dahlias: 1&2 D Wilkinson. Foliage pot-plant: 1 N Misra. Flower pot plant: 1&2 N Misra. Cactus or succulent in a pot: 1&2 F Barnes. Planted patio container, any size: 1&2 N Misra. Hanging basket: 1 N Misra. Craft Group Entry. Showtime: 1 Scales WI; 2 Osmotherley and Mansriggs WI; 3 Ulverston Ladies. Junior section. Under 17. Art. Colour design any medium: 1&3 Sandside Lodge; 2 Robert Rawlinson. Black & white or pencil drawing: 1 Robert Rawlinson; 2&3 Newbridge House. Computer generated front cover, promoting NLSAS catalogue: 1&3 Sandside Lodge; 2 Robert Rawlinson. Photography. Colour print 5x7 or less. Four legged friends: 1&3 James Hadwin; 2 Robert Rawlinson. People and Places: 1 Robert Rawlinson; 2&3 Patsy Gillam. Floral Art. Arrangement in teapot, exhibit: 1 Robert Rawlinson; 2 James Hadwin; 3 Patsy Gillam. Craft. Phone case, any medium: 1 Celton (Newbridge House); 2 Isabel Thomas; 3 Jack Cottam. Item of Jewellery: 1 Robert Rawlinson. Any other craft: 1 Jack Sowerby; 2 Jake (Newbridge House); 3 Class 4 Sandside Lodge. Decorated item of glass: 1 Robert Rawlinson; 2 Phoebe Smith (Sandside Lodge); 3 Michael R (Sandside Lodge). Design of invitation to celebration: 1 Brad (Newbridge House); 2 Robert Rawlinson; 3 Lewis (Sandside Lodge). Under 11. Animal made from vegetable or fruit: 1 Holly Spencer; 2 Ruby Shepherd; 3 Baine Waddington. Painting: 1 William Grainger; 2 Molly Saunders; 3 Baine Waddington. Clay model: 1 Maddy Clarke; 2 Baine Waddington; 3 Ruby Shepherd. Picture or design, any media except paint: 1 Ellie Palfreeman (Croftlands School); 2 Patsy Gillam; 3 Richard Rawlinson. Any other craft: 1 Sam Lowther (Croftlands School); 2 Rose Dennison; 3 Baine Waddington. Planted patio container: 1 Baine Waddington; 2&3 Richard Rawlinson. Decorated plant pot: 1 Harry Rawlinson; 2 Baine Waddington; 3 Simon (Newbridge House). U9. One decorated Wellington boot: 1 Sam Wood; 2 Grace Taylor; 3 Isabel Thomas. Miniature garden on plate/tray, 12” square or less: 1 Harry Rawlinson; 2&3 Grace Taylor. Coloured picture or design, any media except paint: 1 Nadine McGowan; 2 Oscar Sheeran (Low Furness); 3 Maisie Dennison. A painting: 1 Isabel Thomas; 2 Grace Taylor; 3 Evie (Low Furness). Celebration card: 1 Harry Rawlinson; 2 Grace Taylor; 3 Josua Wilkin (Low Furness. Black & white drawing: 1 Nadine McGowan; 2 Naomi Saunders (Croftlands); 3 Eliott John Rushton (Low Furness). Monster made from vegetable and/or fruit: 1 Sarah Johnston; 2 Harry Rawlinson; 3 Andrew Johnston. An item of needlework: 1 Grace Taylor; 2 Harry Rawlinson. Any other craft: 1 Maisie Dennison; 2 Grace Taylor; 3 Lucy Battersby. Photography. U11. Colour print, 5x7 or less. Out and About: 1 Richard Rawlinson; 2 Emma Battersby; 3 Baine Waddington. U7. Painting: 1 Harry Rawlinson; 2 Sam Allison; 3 Lucy Swarbrick (Low Furness). Cut paper picture or design: 1 Carla Doyle (Croflands); 2 Amber Wilson (Croftlands); 3 Harry Rawlinson. Handwriting ‘Humpty Dumpty’: 1 Ellena Wilkin (Low Furness); 2 Charlie Robinson (Croftlands); 3 Noah Nicolaides (Low Furness). Picture in various media: 1 Harry Rawlinson; 2 Ella Kendall – James (Low Furness); 3 William Lacey (Chapel Street). Decorated egg: 1 Andrew Johnston; 2 Maddy Clarke; 3 Grace Low. Decorated wooden spoon: 1&2 Ebony Taylor; 3 Harry Rawlinson. Garden on a plate: 1 Ebony Taylor; 2 Ella Parker; 3 Harry Rawlinson. U5. Painting: 1 Molly Armstrong (Croftlands); 2 Tom Dennison; 3 Paige Roberts (Croftlands). Coloured picture or design: 1 Indianna Foxon; 2 Gabrielle Nelson; 3 Elle Armstrong (Croftlands). Collage using waste materials: 1 Indianna Foxon; 2 Harriet Spencer; 2 Gabrielle Nelson. Decorated stone: 1 Harriet Spencer; 2 Ewan Croasdale; 3 Gabrielle Nelson. Model using any media: 1 Grace Low; 2 Indianna Foxon; 3 Alfie Clarke. Cooking. U17. 4 pieces of baked tray bake: 1 Robert Rawlinson; 2 Shannon Toal; 3 Hannah Sowerby. 4 biscuits, 1 variety: 1 Hannah Sowerby; 2 Robert Rawlinson; 3 Catherine McKinney. My favourite cake: 1 Robert Rawlinson; 2 Jack Cottam; 3 Molly Saunders. 4 sausage rolls: 1 Hannah Sowerby; 2 Robert Rawlinson; 3 Jack Cottam. Decorated cup cakes: 1 Jack Cottam; 2 Robert Rawlinson. U11. 4 pieces of no bake tray bake: 1&3 Holly Spencer; 2 Emma Battersby. Vegetable kebab, uncooked: 1 Baine Waddington; 2&3 Holly Spencer. Decorated gingerbread person: 1&3 Holly Spencer; 2 Baine Waddington. Decorated cup cakes: 1 Baine Waddington; 2 Rosie Dennison; 3 Ruby Shepherd. U9. 4 pieces no bake tray bake: 1 Harry Rawlinson; 2 Demi Garnett; 3 Grace Taylor. Decorated cup cakes: 1 Grace Taylor; 2 Andrew Johnston; 3 Maddy Clarke.

Cattle. President’s Prize. Best farmers’ group: 1 Messrs Dennison. Three animals any breed or gender: 1 Messrs Dennison; 2 GJ Mutton; 3 JF&C Saunders. Dairy cattle. Cow in calf: 1 S Webster; 2&3 Messrs Dennison. Heifer in milk: 1 Messrs Dennison; 2 GJ Mutton; 3 T Stable. Maiden heifer: 1 J White; 2 H Woodhouse; 3 H Sowerby. Beef breed. Bull: 1&2 JF&C Saunders; 3 A Myerscough. Maiden heifer: 1 M Benson; 2 JF&C Saunders; 3 M Cooper. Heifer in milk or in calf: 1 S Watson. Cow in milk or in calf: 1 A Myerscough. Any native beef breed. Cow or heifer in milk or in calf: 1 P&JJ Stubbs & Master Stubbs. Any commercial beef. Less than 15 months - Male: 1&2 S Benson; 3 M Cooper. Female: 1 I Rawlinson; 2 M Cooper; 3 S Benson. More than 15 months - Female: 1 S Benson. Calf Handling. Best turned out beef calf: 1 S Cooper; 2 H Rawlinson; 3 C McCann. Best turned out dairy calf: 1 H Sowerby; 2 J Woodhouse; 3 E Dennison. Best calf handler – 11-18years: 1 Robert Rawlinson; 2 Hannah Sowerby; 3 Jonathan Woodhouse. Under 11 years: 1 Ben Sowerby; 2 Sally Cooper; 3 Harry Rawlinson. Semex 50/50: 1 H Sowerby; 2 I Rawlinson; 3 J Woodhouse. Children’s Pets Less than 8 yrs: 1 Bradley Foxon; 2 Indianna Foxon; 3 Gabby Nelson. 8 to 12 years: 1 Abbey Patterson; 2 Adam Moxon; 3 Sally Cooper. 12 to 16 years: 1 Emma Woodhouse. Sheep: Best turned out lamb: 1 Sam Wood; 2 G Wood; 3 Matthew Benson. Suffolk. Ram aged: 1 A Mawson; 2 J Airey. Ram lamb: 1 J Airey; 2 I Shuttleworth; 3 S Woodend. Ewe or shearling ewe: 1&2 J Airey; 3 S Woodend. Ewe lamb: 1,2&3 J Airey. Rare and minority breeds. Ram aged: 1 M Platts; 2 K Tattersall; 3 S Dixon. Ewe or shearling: 1 B&J Watson; 2 M Platts; 3 J Holden. Ram lamb: 1 S Dixon; 2 B&J Watson; 3 J Holden. Ewe lamb: 1 S Dixon; 2 M Platts; 3 J Holden. Jacob. Ram aged: 1&2 Wood & Dickinson; 3 P Murray. Ram lamb: 1 Wood & Dickinson; 2&3 P Murray. Ewe or shearling: 1 P Murray; 2&3 Wood & Dickinson. Ewe lamb: 1&2 Wood & Dickinson; 3 P Murray. Beltex. Ram aged: 1 J Collinge. Ram lamb: 1&2 J Collinge. Ewe or shearling: 1 J Collinge. Ewe lamb: 1&2 J Collinge. Pure Lowland. Ram aged: 1 M Benson. Ram lamb: 1 M Benson; 2&3 L Clough. Ewe any age: 1&2 L Clough. Ewe lamb: 1&3 L Clough; 2 M Benson. Best pen of four butcher’s fat lambs: 1 L Armistead; 2 B Cresswell; 3 T Stephenson. Bluefaced Leicester. Ram aged: 1 S Thomason; 2 B&J Watson; 3 K Smith. Ram Lamb: 11 B&J Watson; 2 S Thomason. Ewe or shearling: 1&2 S Thomason; 3 B&J Watson. Ewe lamb: 1 K Smith; 2&3 S Thomason. Texel. Ram two shear and upward: 1 W&MM Case & Sons; 2 I Shuttleworth. Ram shearling: 1A Mawson; 2 AC&J Butcher; 3 W&MM Case & Sons. Ram lamb: 1 A Mawson; 2 H Greig & S Sleddon; 3 I Shuttleworth. Ewe two shear and upward: 1&2 AC&J Butcher; 3 W&MM Case & Sons. Ewe shearling: 1 W&MM Case & Sons; 2 A Mawson; 3 AC&J Butcher. Ewe lamb: 1 A Mawson; 2 AC&J Butcher; 3 H Greig & S Sleddon. Horses. Equitation. Riders U7: 1 Amy Jones; 2 Erin Louise McKinley; 3 Meara Knipe. U11: 1 Mollie Mae Jeffrey; 2 Laura Holley; 3 Millie Price. 17 and over: 1 Kate Watson; 2 Rebecca Hanson; 3 Charlotte Jones. Riders 12-16yrs: 1 Mollie Smith; 2 Megan Cooper; 3 Aliysa Gallagher. Mountain and Moorland. Pony. Less than three yrs in hand: 1 Rebecca Kleinhans; 2 Fiona Blenkarn; 3 Pam Doidge. Four yrs & upwards, mounted. Large: 1 Kate Watson; 2 Alison Fligg; 3 Tara Jane Tappenden. Small: 1 Corie Williamson; 2 Stacey Magee; 3 Millie Price. Leading rein, pony & rider not in class 85: 1 Belle Errington; 2 Kate Watson; 3 Grace Sharp.Working hunter. Four yrs & upwards, mounted. Small: 1 Charis Knipe; 2 Corie Williamson; 3 Elsa Noreci. Large: 1 Alison Fligg; 2 Tara Jane Tappenden; 3 Michelle Fisher. Ponies in hand, yearling: 1 Ian Lancaster. Brood mare: 1 Irene Gawith; 2 Jane Armstrong Lancaster. Foal progeny of mare: 1 Irene Gawith; 2 Jane Armstrong Lancaster.Veteran class (More than 16 years) –In hand: 1 Finley Martin; 2 Anne Ireland; 3 Susannah Wiejak. Ridden: 1 Sarah Wyke; 2 Sophie O’Sullivan; 3 Alison Fligg. Saddle horse. 14.2-15.2: 1 Karen Higgs; 2 Lauren Newsham; 3 April Higgin. More than 15.2: 1 Peter Dacre; 2 Anne Woodend; 3 Mrs Dacre. Working hunter horses, more than 153cm: 1 Mollie Smith; 2 Ann-Marie Harding; 3 Caroline Airey. Coloureds. In hand - Native/traditional/cob. In hand: 1 Stuart Reid; 2 Meg Newsham; 3 Hannah Mullan. Non-native: 1 Ashleigh Hale; 2 Sharon Martin; 3 Ashleigh Patterson. Ridden – Native/traditional/cob: 1 Danni Thexton; 2 Michael Park; 3 Emma Scales. Non-native: 1 Riley Martin; 2 Ashleigh Hale; 3 Megan Cooper. Working hunter ponies. Open. 153cm: 1 Alice Longmire; 2 Ashleigh Hale; 3 Derrie Johnson. 143cm: 1 Katie Barnes; 2 Olivia Gilmour; 3 Hannah Johnston. 133cm: 1 Rosie Smith; 2 Charis Knipe. Nursery Stakes: 1 Rosie Smith; 2 Charis Knipe; 3 Carrie-Isabel Tyson. Cradle Stakes: 1 Felicity Whitehead; 2 Meara Knipe; 3 Mollie Mae Jeffrey. Ridden pony, less than 142cm, rider under 16 yrs: 1 Emily Richardson; 2 Holly Ransome; 3 Olivia Whitehead. Heavy horse. Colt/filly/gelding. One yr: 1 J&G Dodd; 2 M Watson. Two yr: 1&2 J&G Dodd. Three yr plus barren mare or gelding: 1 J&G dodd; 2 A Ireland; 3 R Stephenson. Brood mare with foal at foot: 1 L Harrison; 2 E Shuttleworth; 3 D Woodend. Filly/colt born 2013: 1 E Shuttleworth; 2 L Harrison; 3 D Woodend. Pure/part bred ridden: 1 r Stephenson; 2 A Ireland. Side saddle. SSA Equitation Championship qualifying: 1 B Stephenson; 2 S Errington; 3 R Sharp. Costume Concours d’Elegance: 1 B Stephenson. Private driving. Stallion/mare/gelding. Suitable vehicle: 1 C Simpson; 2 D Noden; 3 RE Dixon. Exercise vehicle: 1 D Mackay; 2 C Winder; 3 M Chapman. Show jumping. Pony. Less than 128cm: 1 Alex Phillips; 2 Carrie-Isabel Tyson; 3 Mollie Mae Jeffrey. 128cm-138cm: 1 Michelle Fisher; 2 Charis Knipe; 3 Olivia Gilmour. 138cm-148cm: 1 Hannah Johnston; 2 Emilee White; 3 Kayleigh Groves. More than 148cm: 1 Sophie Plant; 2 Natasha-Jade Frith-Williams; 3 Anne Hool Phillip. Entertainment. Mounted fancy dress: 1 Emily & Olivia Doyle. Poultry Large Fowl. Old English Game, any other colour. Male: 1,2&3 P Waring. Female: 1 S Baines; 2 P&JJ Stubbs; 3 P Waring. AV Light breed, male/female: 1&3 R Mellen; 2 R Thomson. AV Heavy breed, male/female: 1&2 J Chorley; 3 R Thomson. Any colour Silkie, male/female: 1 C Shuttleworth; 2 R Askew; 3 S Baines. Crossbred hen for laying purposes: 1 J Maddock. Old English Game bantams. Black red male/clay or wheaten female: 1 R Askew; 2&3 J Dowsett. Spangle, male/female: 1&2 P Waring; 3 D Dalton. Black or blue male/female: 1,2&3 J Dowsett. Dark red/partridge, male/female: 1&2 P Waring. Any colour, male/female: 1 R Askew; 2&3 M&D Atkinson. Any colour female bred 2013: 1&2 J Dowsett. Breeding pair, any variety: 1 PD Bentham & Son; 2&3 H Platts. Any colour modern male: 1 D Dalton; 2 J Stubbs; 3 R Askew. Any colour modern female: 1 J Stubbs; 2 R Askew; 3 AE Sweeting. Variety Bantams. White Wyandotte, male/female: 1&3 B Bainbridge; 2 J Maddock. Black Wyandotte, male/female: 1&3 J Maddock; 2 TM Pye. Any other colour Wyandotte, male/female: 1,2&3 R Mellen. Australorp, male/female: 1,2&3 AE Sweeting. AC Sussex, male/female: 1 J Johnson; 2&3 B Slater. RIR, male/female: 1 O Chalker & Son; 2 B Bainbridge; 3 TM Pye. AC Rock, male/female: 1&3 J Chorley; 2 TM Pye. Ancona, male/female: 1 M&D Atkinson; 2 D Dalton. AC Leghorn, male/female: 1&2 O Chalker & Son; 3 J Dixon. Any other variety, male/female: 1 R Thomson; 2 B Slater; 3 PD Bentham & Son. True bantam, male/female: 1 J Chorley; 2 PD Bentham & Son; 3 D Whiteway. AC Pekin, male/female: 1&3 J Benson; 2 J Chorley. AV bred 2013. Male: 1 J Benson; 2 J Chorley; 3 O Chalker & Son. Female: 1 J Chorley; 2 B Bainbridge; 3 R Thomson. Children’s Classes. Old English Game Bantam, male/female: 1 Miss R Platts; 2 C Stubbs; 3 S Baines. Variety Bantam, male/female: 1&3 R Mellen; 2 E Hunter. AV bred 2013, male/female: 1&3 R Platts; 2 B Dixon. Waterfowl. Best drake, any variety: 1 AD Lewthwaite-Taylor; 2 J&A Clarke; 3 J Johnson. Best duck, any variety: 1 J Johnson; 2 J&A Clarke; 3 AD Lewthwaite-Taylor. Eggs. 3 large brown: 1 PD Bentham & Son; 2 GC Taylor; 3 A Martin. 3 large any other colour: 1 GC Taylor; 2 R Mellen; 3 AD Lewthwaite-Taylor. Large supreme: 1 PD Bentham & Son; 2 AD Lewthwaite-Taylor; 3 A Martin. 1 large contents: 1 A Martin; 2 AD Lewthwaite-Taylor; 3 PD Bentham & Son. 3 Bantam brown: 1 GC Taylor; 2 AD Taylor. 3 Bantam any other colour: 1 PD Bentham & Son; 2&3 A Martin. 1 Bantam contents: 1 GC Taylor; 2 S Ware; 3 D Whiteway. Bantam supreme: 1 A Martin; 2&3 PD Bentham & Son. 4 duck eggs: 1 C McKinney; 2&3 GC Taylor. 6 eggs any colour: 1 A Martin; 2 AD Lewthwaite-Taylor; 3 GC Taylor.