THE family of a Furness teenager wept in court after he was found guilty of causing death by dangerous driving.

A jury at Lancaster Crown Court decided that Jamie Skelton, 19, was guilty of killing Ulverston dad George Tyson by driving dangerous.

They retired for an hour and ten minutes.

Mr Tyson was out walking with his son Garry on January 22 of last year when he was fatally hit by a Give Way sign at the junction between Main Street, Bardsea, and the A5087 Coast Road.

Prosectuing Arthur Gibson had argued in court this was because Skelton was driving at a 'fast and excessive speed'.

But Skelton, of Hill Road, Barrow, had told the jury he had slammed his brakes on as he thought a car was pulling out on him.

After the verdict was returned the prosecution told the jury. "As you know the defendant has no criminal convictions. But nine months after the incident he was caught driving 55mph where there was a 40mph limit."

Addressing the judge he added: "The relatives of the deceased have sat through this trial and they have asked me to convey that they simply wished the nature of the driving to be shown. They have asked that your honour expresses as much leniency as possible when coming to a sentence."

Proceedings have been adjourned for sentencing until November 4.