THE clock was rolled back to present a quirky but serious message to boaters on Windermere.

In the style of the traditional Public Information films from the 1940s and 1950s, the light-hearted Greener Boating film asks boaters to think about their winter preparations and how good practice throughout the year will lead to happy, healthy lakes.

The short film is the latest from environmental champions Windermere Reflections and sees the host steer viewers through the best practice options to keep lakes clean and safe.

“The film is a great way of reminding local boaters and visitors alike that just a few simple steps can prevent pollution, reduce the potential spread of non-native invasive plant and animal species and keep Windermere beautiful,” said Natalie Bibby, Environment Agency Catchment Coordinator.

It features the Windermere Lake Cruises boat, MV Teal, built in 1936 by Vickers Armstrong of Barrow in Furness.

This boat, the largest steamer to ever cruise on Windermere, once carried The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh as they sailed from Ambleside to Bowness in August 1956.

David Kennedy, South Cumbria Environment Officer said: ‘’I’d encourage everyone to have a look at the short film, which I’ve heard people say is the best boating film since Titanic!

“It gives great advice on how to be a greener boater and how to protect our lake from threats such as invasive non-native species like the Killer Shrimp and Himalayan Balsam which, if left unchecked, can swamp our natural environment and out compete more sensitive native species.’’

Ms Bibby added: “We all need to do our bit to keep the lake clean and healthy. One of our tasks is to raise awareness of some of the water quality issues facing the lake and how we can all act positively to make a real difference to the water environment. This film helps to remind us of the issues and keeps it fun at the same time.’’

The film, which is supported by Windermere Marina Village and Windermere Lake Cruises, is available on the Environment Agency Youtube Channel at