A TURNER Prize-winning exhibition will return to its Lake District home.

There was excitement in Coniston when it was announced in Derry last month that artist Laure Provost had landed the 2013 prize with her film and installation piece called Wantee.

The work was created in the village by Grizedale Arts with the help of local crafts people and Coniston Youth Club. It was co-commissioned by Grizedale Arts and the Tate as part of the Kurt Schwitters exhibition at Tate Britain earlier in the year.

Now the work has been reprised and adapted for a special ‘homecoming’ exhibition in the Ruskin Museum, Coniston, running from Saturday, January 25 to Sunday, March 9.

Featuring a range of pottery and tea sets, it is named after Schwitters’s girlfriend who was nicknamed Wantee, as she was always asking visitors whether they “want tea?”

As part of the show, the village youth club will run a tea room in Coniston Institute Reading Room. They will be raising funds by selling Wantee merchandise, teapots, tea towels and works of art to help support the Coniston Institute community-based projects.

Alistair Hudson, deputy director of Grizedale Arts, said: “This will be the first chance to see Laure’s work for many people and, even more, to see it in its true context in Coniston where it was created, along with all the people who helped make the work such a success.

“It is also important that the work is being shown in the conjoined Ruskin Museum and Coniston Institute.

“It was here Schwitters often came for inspiration with his partner Wantee to see collections amassed under the direction of John Ruskin.

“Showing the Turner Prize-winning work here will also draw new audiences to the museum and institute, bringing past and present together and help demonstrate new ways for the institute to develop.”

The preview is on January 25, at 5pm, and the exhibition will open from Wednesday to Sunday, 10.30am to 3.30pm.

For more details, contact Alistair Hudson on 015394 41050, or alistair@grize dale.org .