A GIANT bird of prey has gone missing in the Yorkshire Dales.

Nikita, a ten-year-old Steller’s sea eagle went missing on Saturday morning (January 25) during training at the Hawk Experience in Brackenbottom.

North Yorkshire police said on twitter that the bird of prey 'is not dangerous to people but don’t try picking it up'.

They also warned the public to take care when letting small animals out in the garden.

Chris O’Donnell, the eagle’s trainer said the public had nothing to worry about and the bird of prey posed no threat or danger to the public.

Mr O’Donnell said: “It was very windy on Saturday and Nikita possibly became disorientated because of the weather and went a little bit further than she normally does.”

She has not been spotted since.

“She is extremely striking in appearance. She has an 8ft wing span and a bright yellow beak so she will obviously stand out.

“This whole ‘killer’ eagle is nonsense. People have nothing to worry about, their pets will be safe.

“Hopefully she will find her way back,” added Mr O'Donnell.

The police has asked anyone who spots the bird to call 101 and quote reference 0246.

Or alternatively call Hawk Experience on 01729 860316.