HOLLYWOOD could be on the horizon for an aspiring Kendal-writer whose first novel is being considered by top screenwriters.

Martin Hepworth, of Rydal Road, Kendal, penned ‘Empire of the Machines’ in 2009 when he was only 19.

And now, the action-packed adventure has caught the eye of the same group of screenwriters who wrote the hit film ‘Legally Blonde’ starring Reece Witherspoon.

The ex-Queen Katherine School pupil has always loved to write and has a passion for science fiction and fantasy novels. ‘Empire of the Machines’ is an enthralling science fiction novel about ‘powerful mechanised beings from the farthest reaches of space that have come with the intention of purging the earth clean of all life’.

“During the summer I was approached by my publishers, Author House, who had been approached by some screenwriters. They were intrigued by the title and interested in the story itself.

“I think what attracted them to the novel is that it is different. It shows the value of humanity, survival and love and co-operation. I was so excited - I always had aspirations of my book being turned into a screenplay but you try not to dream so big."

The first part of the screenplay has already been completed and the final copy should be completed by April. The screenwriters will then approach various TV and Hollywood studios and the rest they say ‘could’ be history.

Although it is still in the very early stages, Martin was asked which actors he would like to turn his book into a blockbuster.

“I’d like Daniel Craig to maybe play one of the main characters, Richard who is a NASA official. Also Timothy Spall, I’d like him to be involved,” said the 23-year-old.

Martin, who works at Booths in Kendal, is currently writing a fantasy novel called ‘Santa’s Son’.

He added: “I want to express my thanks to everyone that has read the book and I also say to fellow aspiring writers – don’t give up, keep on going, you never know where it will take you.”