A MAJOR training exercise has been played out in Carnforth today as emergency services prepared for a serious incident in the area.

Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service, Buckinghamshire Underwater Search and Rescue, the North West Ambulance Service, an air ambulance team and members of the RNLI lifeboat organisation all converged on the 'scene' this morning for Operation Mallard.

Actors playing 'casualities' were also used, recruited from the University of Central Lancashire and an organisation called the 'Casualty Bureau'.

Together they trained in preparation for a serious incident - using an example of a collision between a train and a bus.

"Multi-agency training exercise today in Carnforth area," said a spokesman for Lancashire Fire on Twitter this morning.

Pictures of the scene, using old rail carriages, a bus and even a plastic horse which fell 'victim' to the crash, have all been uploaded to the social network throughout the day.

The pictures also show the emergency services having 'tactical discussions', while Salvation Army staff bring 'essential sustenance' for workers.

A spokesman for the service told the Gazette he wished to highlight the 'serious purpose' of the day.

The exercise will continue tomorrow with a focus on the administration of a major incident.