A SOUTH Lakes waterways enthusiast is demanding urgent action after a narrow bridge over the Lancaster Canal sustained damaged when it was struck by a lorry.

Frank Sanderson says Crooklands Bridge - a listed structure - suffers regular damage from HGVs as drivers attempt to negotiate the tight approach to the canal crossing.

He has written to the highways department at Cumbria County Council to try and get something done to protect the bridge, which is owned by the Canal and River Trust.

In his letter, Mr Sanderson, who runs Old School Gallery at Crooklands, expresses concern that a proposed development at the Station Commercial site near Milnthorpe, increasing the site by up to 19 acres, could increase HGV traffic and with it the risk of more damage to the bridge.

He said the collision, which ‘probably happened late on February 14, caused ‘major damage to the structure’.

“Crooklands Bridge is already overused, often damaged and threatened by heavy goods vehicles,” he added.