ONE of Labour's candidates for the European elections on May 22 will be issuing a rallying cry in Furness on Saturday.

North West party activist Theresa Griffin will begin her whistlestop tour with a coffee morning at the Coronation Hall in Ulverston from 11am.

She is then scheduled to meet shoppers and staff in Booths supermarket before heading to Barrow.

There, along with MP John Woodcock, party workers and activists, she will mark International Women's Day in the town's indoor market at 1.30pm.

Ms Griffin then moves on to The Forum in Duke Street for a public meeting from 2-3pm where she will address the assembly before taking questions from the floor.

Ms Griffin said: "I always look forward to coming up to Barrow and Furness. It's a fantastic part of our region where I always feel welcome and there is solid support for Labour.

"The shipyard is recruiting and there are encouraging signs across the Cumbrian industrial landscape, but a lot is a stake for the people of Furness as the European elections approach.

"Future economic growth, employment rights and jobs will depend on strong Labour leadership in Europe and I am looking forward to answering any question the public might have."