Beers from some of the most exciting new craft breweries in the country will be on tap at the 7th Spring beer festival at The Beer Hall at Hawkshead Brewery, Staveley.

Over  March 14 and 16, over 60 beers from 13 breweries, all young independents, will be exhibited, including a mystery beer, The Illusionist.

This is a collaboration between Magic Rock Brewing and Hawkshead, and the reigning CAMRA champion beer of the North West, Hawkshead’s Cumbrian Five Hop.

Hawkshead head brewer, Matt Clarke, said: “Our beer festivals have become a north west institution, which we change every year in line with the rapid pace of change in the British brewing industry.

"There are now more breweries, more beer styles more flavours than ever before and we try to reflect that.”