THE COLD GLASS STAR, by John Alexander Scott, £9, ISBN 9781-4-92107231

THIS dark novel, by Kendal author John Alexander Scott, explores one man’s dogged search for the truth.

Set during the ‘noughties’ in Roseburn, a small isolated town in the Highlands of Scotland, 30-something Andrew Armstrong, known as Ae to his friends, lives in a flat on Main Street. After being made redundant, his girlfriend leaves, and he exists by night, retreating into music, drinking and ranting.

After he begins to investigate a serious assault, his work leads him to a dysfunctional local family, an unexpected romance and into the realm of a drugs gang about to go big-time.

Set in this dark setting, The Cold Glass Star is shot through with humour, art, alternative music and authentic accents, this is a great read that will have you gripped from start to finish.