A RECYCLING charity has teamed up with Halfords in a bid to send unwanted bikes to Africa.

The bike retailer in Kendal and the Re~Cycle charity have started collecting second-hand cycles today (March 19), and will continue to do so till Monday (March 24).

Merlin Matthews, Re~Cycle Founder, said: “We’re really excited about the trade-in event, which is part of our long-term partnership with Halfords and helps in our ambition to get access to all those unwanted bikes and raise awareness of how people here can very easily assist those in need in Africa.”

Suitable bikes will be overhauled and shipped to Africa where they will help health workers reach communities in need, children get to school, parents get to jobs and farmers transport goods to market.

Bikes most in demand by Re~Cycle are sturdy mountain bikes for teenagers and adults.

However, all bikes that are in a reasonable condition will be accepted by Halfords provided they are complete with no cracks in the frame and have less than 25 per cent rust.

Halfords is offering a ten per cent discount for donors wanting to get a new bike.

For more information visit www.re-cycle.org