RABBIT PIE AT CHRISTMAS, by Joan Ardron Nicholson, ISBN: 978-1-628904567, £7.95

THE memoir starts with Joan’s earliest memories, around 1946, and continues until she left Ulverston in 1961, at 18, to train as a nurse.

The story of her childhood, set against the ‘religious zeal’ of her parents, describes day to day living, schooldays and her annual holidays with her five siblings.

Her father, Harry Ardron, had a small grinding engineering business at Ulverston, repairing lawnmowers and agricultural machinery.

He also did wrought ironwork, making large entrance gates for Major Kennedy, whose home was Hill Foot.

Her mother, Doris Ardron was the weaver for Hawkshead weavers, which was run by the Rileys, at Outgate.

The book is interspersed with light-hearted recollections, as well as tragedy.

This is a fascinating insight into one woman’s childhood growing up in the historic market town.

Contact Joan at joanardron@gmail.com, or 01229-462850.