THE Green Party candidate hoping to be elected as a Euro MEP for the area is taking part in a hustings event in Kendal Town Hall this Friday (April 4).

Peter Cranie, the North West Green Party’s European election candidate, says he will be making the case for a reformed, green Europe.

The event, ‘Why vote in the European elections?’ has been organised by local group, Forward in Europe. It takes place on Friday night at 7pm and is open to the public.

It will also feature current North West MEP for the Lib Dems, Chris Davies, alongside Kevin Beaty for the Conservatives, Lee Slaughter for UKIP and Labour's Wajid Khan.

Mr Cranie said: "Many people who’ve voted Lib Dem will currently be feeling very let down. From student tuition fees to the renewal of Trident, from their support for fracking and nuclear power to the gagging bill and the selling off of care data.

"The Lib Dems in coalition have been a huge disappointment to many who voted for them. I'll be interested to hear how Chris Davies (Lib Dem MEP) defends his support for those policies on Friday night.”

He continued: “I welcome this opportunity to explain Green policies and to share some of the work done by the 58 Green MEPs in the European Parliament. UKIP and the Lib Dems paint far too simple a picture of Europe - Farage says pulling out of Europe will solve all of our problems and Clegg says that our European Union membership is a panacea that will solve all of our economic woes. Neither is right. Greens believe that we're better off in Europe."

"But we also know that the EU needs radical reform to make it more democratic and to ensure it works in the interests of ordinary people, not big business. Fundamentally we believe that the British people should have a say on Europe, which is why we support a referendum."

The Green Party is the fourth largest group in the European Parliament with 58.

Mr Davies, who is standing for the Lib Dems in Europe, said: “The contrast between the views of Liberal Democrats and UKIP could hardly be greater.

"We are almost diametrically opposed in our attitude towards Britain in Europe. I believe that UKIP will put jobs at risk, reduce Britain’s influence over decisions that will affect us, and weaken our ability to promote the values we hold dear."