THE long-serving head teacher of a Kendal primary school walked out of the school’s doors for the last time today.

Retiring Anne Hallam joined Vicarage Park Primary School 24 years ago and in that time has witnessed a raft of changes.

Pupil numbers have doubled from 105 to 210 – to the point where the Vicarage Drive school has reached capacity despite the school building growing in order to accommodate the numbers.

“I joined the profession to teach and this has been something I have always wanted to do,“ said Anne.

“I have never lost that joy of teaching, of helping young people widen their horizons.”


Among the many high points of her career, Anne includes a trip to Downing Street, meeting the Queen and taking on a number of top roles in primary school education.

But she adds: “The special times and moments in school will be my most enduring memories – such as taking all our junior children to the Millennium Dome in 2000, the many performances at the Brewery Arts Centre and seeing our eldest children perform at the Shakespeare for Schools Festival at the Dukes Theatre.”