TOP talents from around the area gathered this week at Ulverston’s Coronation Hall for the 2014 South Cumbria Musical Festival...

One of the largest gatherings of its kind in the country, The Westmorland Gazette celebrates the acheivements of the many performers taking part with results and pictures from the classes staged during the first few days of the week-long event. More results and pictures from the second half of the festival next week.

Burneside Brass was among those in the honours in the first part of South Cumbria Musical Festival.

The popular players landed the Kimberly-Clark Awards for Senior Brass Bands and Ulverston Town Band Shield during Sunday’s opening sessions at the Ulverston’s Coronation Hall.

As usual brass day provided a superb start to the seven-day feast of music and speech.

"The festival got off to a great start with some lovely brass playing,” said SCMF chairman Keith Butcher. “Particularly from new ensemble groups, which is encouraging for the well-being of the brass competition. We are looking forward to the rest of the week continuing in the same high standard set today. As usual the festival will end with Gala Night (Saturday, 7.30pm) which again promises to be a very entertaining evening, showcasing the festival winners of the week, together with local talent.”

Monday’s speech day welcomed once again adjudicator Marie Dixon, a favourite with festival competitors.

Keith added: “We were well supported by local schools, in spite of the pressure incurred through the change of school holidays this year. We were very grateful for their contribution and extra work involved. The classes included poetry, prepared reading, Bible reading, and acted dramatisations with a good standard of performance during the day.

“And in recognition of the centenary of the birth of Norman Nicholson, we included a set piece - Scafell Pike, and an own choice class for competitors.”

Meanwhile, Tuesday started with Music Making classes adjudicated by one of the leading lights in the region’s music circles, Mary Powney.

“Mary was very impressed,” continued Keith.

“She said she felt the standard of playing was particularly high, considering the young age of the competitors. They played well together and had a good command of their instruments.

“Haverigg School year six pupils received a distinction for their performance of Yellow Bird, and the school’s year five came joint second in the same class with Askam Village School Flute Group years five and six receiving a mark of 86.”

On the percussion front, St James' C of E Junior School, Barrow, were commended for its pupils performance of Rhythmic Razzamatazz.

Ann Lampard was adjudicator for Tuesday’s vocal classes, which started with schools choirs in the afternoon and early evening.

“These were very well supported and are increasing each year in their popularity, especially in the recently introduced infants choirs,” said Keith.

“St James' Catholic Primary School, Millom were awarded a mark of 90 for exceptional performances in choirs up to school year year two and choirs up to school year six.”

In the Junior Choirs, Minor Details of Millom received the highest score of the day with 91 marks - taking home the Forge Europa Shield and Bursary of £100 for Children's Choirs.

Adult vocal classes concluded the evening in fine style with performances including Songs from Shows, British composers, Gilbert and Sullivan, Lied and unaccompanied Folk Song.

Tickets for Saturday’s Gala evening are available on 01229-584653, from the Coro or by telephoning 07773-403686 during festival week.

Programmes are available from Ulverston Library and The Full Octave, Tudor Square, Dalton-in-Furness.


Sunday Brass

Novice solos - SCMF Rimmer Award. Up to Year 6: 1 Bethany Johnson, 2 Ellie Sheridan, 3 Joseph Buchanan. Solos - SCMF Award. Up to Year 6: 1 James Bolam. Years 7-9: 1 David Griffiths, 2 Nicky Kitchingman, 3 Abigail Stanway. Years 10-13: 1 Anna Merrell. Solo Open-Howard Olds Shield: 1 Catherine Clarke, 2 Jeffrey Bailey, 3 Bartholomew Wren. Open-Robert Latimer Cup: 1 Bartholomew Wren, 2 Jeffrey Bailey. Open-Harold McEneney Shield: 1 Jeffrey Bailey. Solo Open - SCMF Award: 1 Catherine Clarke. Open-Ulverston Town Junior Band Shield: 1 Jeffrey Bailey. Duet -SCMF Award. Up to Year 9: 1 Holly Knowles and Simone Clarke, 2 Nicky Kitchingman and Ethan Powell. Duet, any age-Two Hornby Shields: 1 Ross Bickerdike and Hannah Knowles. Novice Solo-SCMF Arban Award. Years 7-9: 1= Nell Wedgwood, Connor O’Hara. Solo-SCMF Ball Award. Years 7-9: 1 Abigail Stanway, 2 Nell Wedgwood. Solo-Dunlop Cup. Years 7-9: 1 Simone Clarke, 2= Connor O’Hara, Nicky Kitchingman. Solo-Clarry Dunlop Shield. Years 7-9: 1 Abigail Stanway, 2 Holly Knowles, 3 Nell Wedgwood. Solo-Jack Manning Pewter Cup. Years 10-13: 1 Anna Merrell, 2 Ella Clarke. Solo-Walter Pennington Shield. Years 10-13: 1 Anna Merrell. Junior Ensemble (3 or more players/max 12)-Vickers Shield: 1 Holborn Hill Royal Brass Band, 2 Dalton Town Training Band, 3 St Pius Cross Brass Ensemble. Ensemble (3 or more players/max 12), any age)-Lonsdale Brass Band Shield: 1 M.K.S. Brass, 2 Dalton Brass Ensemble. Junior Bands-Rotary Club of Ulverston Bursary and Shield: 1 Barrow Shipyard Junior Band, 2 Holborn Hill Royal Brass Band Schools Section, 3 St Pius Cross Brass Band. Entertainment Class-J.W. Latimer Cup: South Cumbria Retirement Band. Bands-Ulverston Town Band Shield: Burneside Brass. Robert J. Lacey Memorial Plate: Bethany Johnson. Kimberly-Clark Shield and Bursary for Young Brass Instrumentalist: Anna Merrell. Dr Fred Yeadon Cup and Bursary: Jeffrey Bailey. Rotary Club of Ulverston Shield and Award for Junior Brass Band: Barrow Shipyard Junior Band. Kimberly-Clark Awards for Senior Brass Bands: Burneside Brass. James M. Fryer Memorial Shield: David Griffiths, Barrow Shipyard Junior Band.

Monday Speech

Poetry, up to year 3 - Windermere Shield: 1 Callum Evans; 2 Jack Everett; 3 Holly Clunie & Shannon Sear. First Advertiser Shield: 1 Gloria Brown; 2 Kian Costley; 3 Aimee Robinson. Year 4 - Grasmere Shield: 1 Charlee Corris; 2 Tyler Halse. Mini Langdale Cup: 1 Luke Pritchard; 2 Raife Garnett; 3 Cole Cooper. Year 5 - Thirlmere Shield: 1 Millie Andrews; 2 Scarlett Kenny; 3 Kayla Porter. Buttermere Shield: 1 Lewis Seward; 2 David Johnson-Herdman; 3 Holly Bertram. Year 6 - Coniston Shield: Kian Murphy; 2 Nate Garnett; 3 Josephine John. Rydal Award: 1 Matthew Ward. Write and Recite - The Bill Shaw Great Gable Cup: 1 Asha Fitzsimons; 2 Callum beecroft; 3 Adam Meehan. Acted and Dramatisation (single character) - Ullswater Shield: 1 Evan Allen; 2 Willow Fenna; 3 Heidi Hewitt & Katie Shepherd. Prepared Bible Reading - Miriam Townson Trophy: 1 Faith Everett; 2 Nate Garnett; 3 Juliette White & Leo Hamilton. Prepared Reading - The New Westmorland Gazette Shield: 1 Callum Beecroft; 2 David Johnson; 3 Adam Meehan. Poetry, up to years 7-9 inclusive: Keats Award: 1 Connor O’Hara; Write and Recite - The Bill Shaw Helvellyn Cup: Connor O’Hara. Prepared Bible Reading - Fluted Cup: 1 Connor O’Hara; 2 Lucia Harrington. Acted and Dramatisation (single character) - Robson Award: 1 Connor O’Hara; 2 Sky Gwynee; 3 Lucia Harrington. Prepared Reading - The Bronte Award: 1 Connor O’Hara. Acted and Dramatisation (single character) - up to Year 10 -13 inclusive - Evans Award: 1 Megan Williams. Choral Speaking up to and including Year 6 - Heather J Stenhouse Shield: 1 St. James’ C of E Choral Speakers; 2 Dalton St. Marys C of E Primary School. The Barrow Soroptimists shield and Bursary for Speech: 1 Callum Evans. The Patrick Croskery Speech Trophy: 1 Asha Fitzsimmons. The Julie Wills Speech Bursary: 1 Evan Allen.

Tuesday Music Making

Music Making (3 or more players) - William and Dora Jenkinson Cup. Up to Yr 6, 1 Haverigg School Yr 6, 2= Haverigg School Yr 5, Askam Village School Flute Group Years 5&6, 3= Askam Village School Flute Group Yr 4,5&6, St James’ Chime Bar Group. Percussion, any age, Soloist or Group-Terry Turner Shield, 1 St James’ C of E Junior School. Choirs-SCMF Award. Up Yr 2, 1 St James’ Catholic Primary School Infant Choir, 2 Chapel Street Infants and Nursery School Choir, 3 Millom Infant School. Choirs-Hazel Park Scroll: excluding songs from shows. Up to Yr 6, 1 St James’ Catholic Primary School Junior Choir, 2= Dalton St Mary’s C of E KS2 Choir, Dalton, St Mary’s Catholic Primary School Choir, 3 Askam Village School Choir. Choirs-Ben High Memorial Trophy: show songs permitted. Up to Yr 6, 1 Askam Village School Choir, 2 St James’ Catholic Primary School, 3= Dane Ghyll School Choir, St George’s C of E Primary School KS2 Choir. Choirs-Satterthwaite Shield: excluding songs from shows. Up to Yr 13, 1 Millom Partnership Choir. Choirs-Sandra Adams Shield: show songs permitted. Up to Yr 13, Minor Details, Millom. Hymn singing-Josephine Sutcliffe Shield. Up to Yr 13, 1 St James’ Catholic Primary School, 2 Dane Ghyll Primary Choir, 3= St Mary’s Catholic Primary School Choir, St James’ C of E Junior School Choir. Vocal Duet-SCMF Manuel Garcia Duet Plaques. Any mixed ages, 1 Connor O’Hara and Robert O’Hara. Novice solo-Bob Bowker Cup. Age 18+, 1 James Marczak, 2 Elizabeth Queen-Fryer, 3 Neil Hastings. Vocal solo-The Barrow Madrigal Cup: British Composer. Age 18+, 1 Robert O’Hara, 2= Ciara Preston Myakicheff, Naomi Tarr, 3 Raymond Mcllroy. Vocal solo-Esther C Murphy Cup: songs from the shows. Age 18+, 1 Raymond Mcllroy, 2 Robert O’Hara, 3= Alastair Rae, Neil Hastings. Vocal solo-Jim Noble Rosebowl. Age 18+, 1 Robert O’Hara, 2 Raymond Mcllroy, 3 Alastair Rae. Vocal solo-SCMF Award: Gilbert and Sullivan Operetta. Age 18+, 1 Neil Hastings, 2 Robert O’Hara, 3 Raymond Mcllroy. Vocal solo-Sir Leonard and Lady Redshaw Cup: Lied. Age 18+ 1= Alastair Rae, Raymond Mcllroy. Vocal solo-SCMF Award: Folk song (unaccompanied). Age 18+,1 Elizabeth Queen-Fryer, 2 Alastair Rae, 3 Raymond Mcllroy. Forge Europa Shield and Bursary for Children’s Choirs, Minor Details, Millom.