AN EDEN free range egg producer has achieved an international sustainable food honour.

The fast food chain McDonald’s has named the Lakes Free Range Egg Company as a ‘2014 Best of Sustainable Supply’ award winner.

The company is featured in a report which highlights how suppliers across the globe are achieving significant results with sustainable solutions. More than 600 entries were submitted for the award - a 40 per cent increase on 2012 - and the Lakes Free Range Egg Company earned its prestigious place alongside 50 other leading global projects.

McDonald’s said both their top executives and external experts recognised the Lakes Free Range Egg Company for sustainability leadership in the ‘Animal Health and Welfare’ category.

The company, run at Stainton near Penrith by David and Helen Brass, has been supplying McDonald’s with free range eggs for more than a decade and also plays a vital role in animal welfare research.

This is the second time, it has been recognised by McDonald’s as a global case study. Focusing on the highest standards of welfare and environmental excellence, the Brasses have developed a tailor-made training programme for producers.

The goal, to continually improve the animal welfare and environmental best practice on producer farms. MacDonald’s say the results have proved financially beneficial for producers.

The chain’s executive vice-president for global supply, Jose Armario, said: “The submissions in the Best of Sustainable Supply report demonstrate that our suppliers go above and beyond to provide sustainable leadership, and that they take their commitment to preserving resources seriously.”

Mr Brass, who is chief executive at the Lakes Free Rang Egg Company, said: “We are constantly looking for ways to improve the environment within which we work and are extremely proud to receive the global Best of Sustainable Supply Award from McDonald’s.

“It endorses the work we do on range enrichment, animal welfare research and development and the support we provide for our producers. Our free range egg production is very much in line with their three sustainability 'Es' - ethics, environment and economics.”