THE full list of people seeking seats to Kendal Town Council next month has been revealed.

South Lakeland District Council has released the list after nominations closed last week.

All 28 seats on Kendal Town Council are up for grabs on May 22.

It represents 16 wards across the area because some wards are so large that they require two councillors to serve it.

In those areas where candidates stand unopposed or where two candidates are standing for the same party, their members automatically fill the seat and does not require any votes.

It has meant early gains for the local Liberal Democrats, which in recent years have held the most seats and the balance of power on Kendal Town Council.

The Lib Dems have put forward a full roster of 28 candidates and their nearest challengers are Labour which have put up 17 candidates to stand.

The Conservatives will contest two wards and the recently-established Kendal Green Party have candidates standing in three wards.

Further afield, candidates are also standing for seats to a number of local parish councils and wards.

For the full list, see below

Kendal Castle

Lib Dem: Chris Hogg, of Kendal

Lib Dem: Austen Robinson, of Kendal


Kendal Far Cross

Lib Dem: Shirley Evans, of Kendal

Lib Dem: Carol Hardy, of Kendal

Labour: Ian Geoffrey Law, of Kendal


Kendal Fell

Lib Dem: Giles Archibald, of Kendal

Lib Dem: Jon Robinson, of Kendal

Lab: Virginia Branney, of Kendal

Lab: Bob Stow, of Kendal

Green: Gwen Harrison, of Kendal


Kendal Heron Hill

Lib Dem: Andy Blackman, of Kendal

Lib Dem: Phil Walker, of Kendal

Lab: Judith Law, of Kendal

Cons: Paul Jonathan Rodman, of Kendal


Kendal Highgate

Lib Dem: Keith Bracey, of Kendal

Lib Dem: Geoff Cook, of Kendal

Lab: Marilyn Molloy, of Kendal

Lab: Vivien Helen Prendiville, of Kendal


Kendal Kirkland

Lib Dem: Alvin Finch, of Kendal

Lib Dem: Kath Teasdale, of Kendal

Lab: Tony Rothwell, of Kendal Lab:

Simon David Evans, of Kendal


Kendal Mintsfeet

Lib Dem: David Evans, of Kendal

Lib Dem: Lynne Oldham, of Kendal

Lab: Jim Barker, of Kendal

Lab: Mick Downes, of Kendal


Kendal Nether

Lib Dem: Clare Feeney-Johnson, of Kendal

Lib Dem: Rachael Hogg, of Kendal

Lab: Alison Gilchrist, of Kendal



Lib Dem: Guy Tirvengadum, of Kendal

Lab: John Anthony Bateson, of Kendal


Kendal Parks

Lib Dem: Jonathan Brook, of Kendal

Lib Dem: Keith Hurst-Jones, of Kendal

Cons: Nigel Byrom, of Kendal


Kendal Strickland

Lib Dem: Stephen Coleman, of Kendal

Lib Dem: John McCreesh, of Kendal

Lab: Jo Magne, of Kendal

Lab: Jim Ring, of Kendal

Green: Kate Wilshaw, of Kendal


Kendal Stonecross

Lib Dem: Tom Clare, of Kendal

Lib Dem: Sylvia Emmott, of Kendal


Kendal Underley

Lib Dem: Paul Bramham, of Kendal

Lib Dem: Matt Severn, of Kendal

Lab: Tom Lynch, of Kendal

Lab: Paul Braithwaite, of Kendal

Green: Angela Towers, of Kendal


Kendal Romney

Lib Dem: John Veevers, of Kendal

Kendal Stainbank

Lib Dem: Richard Sutton, of Kendal


Kendal Natland

Lib Dem: Graham Vincent, of Kendal Lab:

Dave Cope, of Kendal



Ann Louise Mary Allan, of Sedbergh

Jim Atkins, of Sedbergh

Margaret Helena Brooks, of Sedbergh

John Thomas Capstick, of Sedbergh

Martyn John Dawson, of Sedbergh

Hilary Carolyn Hodge, of Sedbergh

Kevin John Lancaster, of Sedbergh

Steven Longlands, of Sedbergh

Mary Katharine Macpherson, of Sedbergh

Ian McPherson, of Sedbergh

Roger Sedgwick, of Sedbergh

Douglas Thomson, of Sedbergh



Joan Lind, of Natland

David Peters, of Natland

Rhian Gwynne Peters, of Natland

Sarah Jane Roberts, of Natland

Lois Katherine Sparling, of Kendal



Jennifer Pilgrim, of Cowgill

Tom Stafford, of Dent



Rita Corpe, of Dent Chris Evans, of Gawthrop

Elaine Anne Lewis, of Dent

Geoffrey Woof, of Dent



Annette Lindholm Colton, of Garsdale

Pauline Fozard, of Garsdale

David Christopher Labbate, of Garsdale

Michael Harvey Roper, of Garsdale

Sue Ryall, of Garsdale Thomas George Todd, of Garsdale