A FARMER has been disqualified from driving for 19 months after being caught over the legal drink-driving limit.

A court heard that Alister Irvine, of Tock How Farm, High Wray, Ambleside, was caught on the town’s Loanthwaite Road on April 19 after initially trying to evade capture.

“He realised the folly of his actions but came to his senses before any further offences were committed,” said Rachel Broughton, defending.


“He’s very embarrassed for his actions and apologises to anyone involved.”

The court heard he had stopped his Isuzu Trooper for police, but then made an attempt to escape on foot.

However, prosecutor Lisa Hine said: “When police called him back he did make his way back towards the police officers and was spoken to.”

Mr Irvine, 43, had 83 microgrammes of alcohol in his breath. The legal limit is 35.

But Ms Broughton said disqualification would be ‘very difficult’ for him.

“He’s based in Hawkshead which is very rural. There’s not great transport links.

“He’s responsible for a very large piece of land in the area that will need servicing during that disqualification.”

The court was told he might have to employ more people if he lost his licence.

However, magistrates fined him a total of £360 and removed his licence for 19 months.