A FASCINATING selection of photographs which show how Kendal has changed over more than a century is featured in a new book.

Local author Norman Holloway selected nearly 100 old images featuring town scenes and then set about taking photos of how the same locations look today.

The new book, Kendal Through the Ages, is a follow up to the hugely successful Kendal Through Time, which Mr Holloway published in 2012.

This was so popular, it reached number one in the Kendal Waterstones’ best seller list and remained in the top ten for a number of weeks.

Mr Holloway said most of the old images for the new book were reproduced from the extensive Trevor Hughes collection.

“Once more, I have tried to recreate the modern pictures as close as I could to the original photographers’ position, which again was not always easy, and in a couple of places almost impossible,” said Mr Holloway.

“The finished format, as before, takes a complete tour of the town, with some small detours here and there, but always returning to the main route of the journey.

“I hope that I have pointed out things along the way that may not have previously been known to the reader and, as a result, they will be able to wander the streets of Kendal looking at the area from a brand new perspective and with a greater interest.”

Kendal Through the Ages is published by Amberley at £14.99. ISBN 978-1-445618401.