MORE than 800 people had one ‘ale’ of a good time at Warton’s first ever beer and music festival.

The Old School Brewery hosted the Live Ale Festival designed to combine many people’s greatest passions.

Ian Walsh, managing director at the brewery, said: “Beer and music marry together so well. They’re social things. People like sitting back with friends and trying different beers outdoors. Everything we do here is rustic and cut back, and this event fitted our image very well.”

The whole weekend festival took just three weeks to organise.

Despite trying to keep it ‘low key’, the line-up of 15 bands, including Molly Warburton, who has an international fan base, meant more people attended than anyone imagined. Barrow-based band The Sad Eyed Puffins managed to draw one of the largest crowds.


All of the 30 different ales sold out, with the Old School Brewery’s own brew, ‘Detention’ the first to go.

“We’ll definitely be doing it again,” said Mr Walsh. “We’re all excited to go forward to next year when it will be even bigger and better.”