KENDAL Museum is bridging the town’s present and past by displaying its artefacts in local businesses.

The outreach project has seen museum quality cases in placed in NatWest Bank, Pumpkins Bistro, Halls and Smith Dental Practice and Station House Surgery.

Curator Carol Davies has matched the artefacts to the to the nature of the business, with old banknotes at NatWest Bank, items from Georgian dining in Pumpkins Bistro, a real mammoth’s tooth at Halls and Smith Dental Practice and Roman medicine bottles and surgical instruments at Station House Surgery

The project has been funded with grant funding from the Sustainable Improvement Fund Museum Development North West.

Another aim of the project is to develop links with the community - each of the four cases is full of artefacts along with information leaflets and a map illustrating the way to Kendal Museum.

All the businesses have been identified due to their high footfall and possession of a wide and diverse customer base.