A KENDAL dad fears for his young child’s safety because piles of rubbish are regularly dumped outside his home by council waste collectors.

John Driscoll says that every fortnight more than 30 bags of recyclable waste – including opened tin cans – are propped in bags against a fence and left for hours at Kentmere Brow, Kendal.

The 39-year-old told the Gazette of his disgust that his house is being used as a dump.

“They go down each street with a small van and then dump the rubbish against my fence,” he said.

“It seems like bad practice. I can’t understand why they would collect the rubbish then dump it just to come and collect it again.

“I have asked them before not to pile it against the fence because my four-year-old can put his hands on it. They normally leave it between one and four hours.

“I work for Cumbria Care and we have to do risk assessments on all our tasks, so I don’t understand how South Lakeland can leave rubbish lying around on the streets.”


He said the rubbish was sometimes so high that bags came over the fence and into his front garden.

When he called to complain the council sent a waste disposal officer who had to put some of the rubbish in the cab of his truck.

John’s complaints follow the decision by South Lakeland on April 9 to roll out fortnightly kerbside collections of plastics and cardboard to parts of Kendal.

The council wants to achieve a recycling rate of more than 50 per cent and is currently undergoing a ‘trial period’.

A spokesperson for the council said the trial would continue until autumn, and added: “We have contacted Mr Driscoll and reassured him that we will not stack bags by his fence in future.”