TEMPERATURES are set to soar in the region today (July 23) with highs of 26 degrees.

The Met Office said Kendal should expect the top temperature while Ambleside, higher grounds and inland areas may experience a slight dip.

Plenty of sunshine all day has been forecast with some possible build up of clouds along the coast.

Top temperatures in the past week saw Thursday (July 17) reach 24.1 degrees and 23.8 degrees on Sunday (July 20).

And with 17 degrees recorded at 9am today in Shap, the hot weather is set to stay – although cooling off slightly into the weekend.

Tomorrow and Friday are expected to be sunny with temperatures of 25 degrees.

Cooling off into the weekend, the Met Office said Saturday should see a slight drop in temperature to 22/23 degrees, with a further dip into Sunday to 21/22 degrees.

There could be more cloud during the weekend with a slight risk of showers.