WINDERMERE Scout Group paraded a 'Peace Pole' around the town before planting it in a memorial garden at Oxenholme.

Measuring ten-foot-long, the pole, which was enshrined in several different languages to promote peace in the world, was taken from their headquarters through the streets of Windermere to the train station.

On arrival train operator First TransPennine Express provided free return train travel to Oxenholme for over 40 passengers and fun packs for all the boys and girls taking part.

Alighting at Oxenholme, the pole was erected and a short service took place, hosted by the railway chaplain for the North West, Rev Richard Cook. The Mayor of Kendal and three members of the veteran's society from the Army and the Navy also attended.

Once the peace pole was set in the ground, two brass instruments sounded the last post to commemorate the Centenary year of the First World War and, once both speeches and blessing of the pole had finished, an arousing revelry call was sounded.

Refreshments and ice cream were in plentiful supply for all attendees and a collection was made with all donations going to international children's charity, The Railway Children.

FTPE Driving Standards Manager, Paul Bebington, commented: "The event provided an excellent engagement opportunity between ourselves and Virgin Trains, as well as Windermere Scouts and the community.

“The scouts did a fantastic job of creating such a wonderful masterpiece and it's great knowing everything achieved was for a worthwhile cause."