MOBILE safety camera routes have been released from North Yorkshire Police.

Enforcement will be carried out between tomorrow (August 6) to Tuesday August 12.

North Yorkshire Police said the safety cameras were now more visible then ever before with each of the three vehicles bearing the same hi-vis livery as North Yorkshire Police’s marked vehicle fleet.

All safety camera locations are published on the force website along with an explanation of the various route types.

Members of the public can now view the results of the safety camera enforcement activity on the force website.

Up to date data for the previous week is uploaded every Tuesday and is available at

The mobile safety cameras will be in operation at the following sites at various times over the coming week.

Cameras will not be in use all day, every day.

Due to operating constraints, mobile safety camera locations may change without prior warning.

The cameras operate at three difference types of site which are:

  • Exceptional sites which are identified through the speed management protocol as being of community concern.
  • Motorcycle routes - route used by motorcycles that have a high incidence of collisions and anti social behaviour.
  • Killed or seriously injured - sites where people have been killed or seriously injured and where excess or inappropriate speed has been deemed to be a factor.

The list below now includes the site types:

A65 Clapham by-pass (sewage works) Community concern

A65 Clapham by-pass Community concern

A65 Draughton Motorcycle

A65 Newby near Settle Motorcycle

A65 Settle by-pass Community concern

A65 Settle by-pass (north-bound) Community concern

A65 Settle Crossing, Long Preston killed or seriously injured

A65 Sour Lane, Thorlby Motorcycle

A65 Whinney Mire Lane Motorcycle

A66 Gatherley Moor killed or seriously injured

A66 West Layton killed or seriously injured A

66 Westbound, Gilling West Community concern

A684 between Bainbridge and Hawes Motorcycle

A684 between Worton and Bainbridge Motorcycle

A684 Field Gate Farm, Bainbridge Motorcycle

A684 Garsdale Head Motorcycle

A684 Holl Gate, West Witton to Wensley Motorcycle

A684 Middleham Motorcycle

A684 Morton-on-Swale Community concern