A CRACKDOWN on uninsured drivers has seen more than 160 Cumbrian motorists have their cars seized by police.

Owners of 162 vehicles had their motors taken away by Cumbria Police during the first six months of this year after failing to organise the right insurance.

Inspector Ben Swinson, of Operational Support Unit, said: “The Constabulary’s Operational Support Unit actively targets motorists who use the road without insuring their vehicle.

“We target this by using police and the Motor Insurers’ Bureau’s databases which have details of every road user in the UK and whether vehicles have been insured or not.


“Those that haven’t will be flagged and targeted.”

In the most serious cases, offenders are prosecuted while others may have their cars destroyed.

“Those who fail to provide valid insurance details will have their vehicles seized and will have a certain amount of time to get their vehicle insured before it is crushed,” added Insp Swinson.

“Those who feel they may be saving money by not insuring are wrong.

“Even if a vehicle is seized and insurance is sorted prior to it being crushed, a release fee will be required.

“Those who fail to provide valid insurance details will also be reported for summons and face a significant fine and deduction of points.”

He added that there are added complications when uninsured drivers are caught up in crashes with insured drivers.