SHEEP farmers are being urged to take advantage of two free farm focus events to help them improve productivity and profitability.

SAC Consulting’s Crooklands office near Kendal has arranged the meetings for the benefit of farmers in South Lakes and north Lancashire.

They are at Spital Farm, Appleby Road, Kendal, on Monday, Septermber 1, and Scriddles Farm, Grindleton, Clitheroe, on September 9.

The events – run in conjunction with EBLEX and local vet practices – will cover a range of topics including lameness, biosecurity, fluke and worm control and the marketing of prime lambs.

There will be a range of expert speakers, practical demonstrations and small scale field studies.

At Spital Farm, Judith Lee, of Westmorland Veterinary Group, will talk about the results from the lameness treatment trial undertaken on the farm at the last meeting.

James Hadwin, of SAC Consulting, said: “This meeting offers farmers an exciting opportunity to observe a practical example of how reducing foot trimming can help reduce the hoof healing time and the key message is that correct foot trimming can be useful to maintain the integrity of the hoof, but over trimming can easily cause infection to spread quickly and increase cases of lameness.”

Mr Hadwin said the event at Scriddles Farm is ideal for farmers who have yet to come along to a focus farm meeting as the concept will be explained before other topics are discussed. This meeting will also cover current lameness treatment strategies, flock biosecurity and ram selection.

Neil Roberts, from Dalehead Vets, will lead discussions on how lameness affects productivity, how to identify lesions correctly and how to treat effectively.

This will be followed by a practical session looking at examining sheep and lamb’s feet and a treatment trial will be undertaken on the day.

There will also be talks on flock biosecurity in returning wintering stock.

Ram selection will also be covered and there will be ‘top tips’ to ensure tups are ready to work for the season ahead.

There will be a follow up meeting in Lancashire in mid-October where the trial results will be reviewed and discussed.

To register at either event call the EBLEX events office on 01904-771211 or email brpevents@eblex.