A 12-year-old 'radio ham' is is believed to have become the youngest person to successfully climb all 214 of the Wainwright fells and make radio contact from each of the summits.

Lauren Richardson's Wainwrights on the Air journey started more than two years ago, when at the age of nine, she was granted her radio licence.

She accompanied her dad, Kevin, on seven trips to the national park from their home in Hoo, Kent, to walk them all. She completed the challenge when, armed with their transmitter, they climbed to the top of Kirk Fell, near Wasdale Head, last week.

"We certainly hit the hills hard on some of the trips," said Mr Richardson. "If we failed to make a contact on one of the summits we had to come back and do them again, so in effect she's done nearer 240.

"She did pretty well with them. There were no real problems apart from finding walking boots that would last.

"But we love the Lake District, the openness of it and the views," said Mr Richardson. "But we don't mind if we don't get the views. One of the things we wanted was for Lauren to see the mountains in their true colours. We've certainly had our epics and pushed our boundaries. It was hard work but we got there."

Along the way Lauren decided she wanted to raise money for mountain rescuers after seeing the horrors of Storm Desmond on the news back home in Kent.

"She saw the images of Pooley Bridge collapsing and was quite upset. She saw all the teams out helping people and that was what really inspired her," said Mr Richardson.

Nearly £500 has been raised for Patterdale Mountain Rescue Team.

Given that on many of the summits Lauren was making radio contact with complete strangers, Mr Richardson said it was important for his daughter to learn what was appropriate to share.

"We had that discussion with her about talking to strangers and the way it was approached was in the same way you would talk to a child about internet safety," he said. "There's some information you can share and other bits you don't give out like your address and things."

To support Lauren's fundraiser, visit www.virginmoneygiving.com/team/M6HLR