AN ENTREPRENEURIAL Cumbrian businesswoman has launched her latest venture, bringing fresh food straight to diners' doors.

Louise Founder is the woman behind Far Sawrey based Montgomery’s, which delivers ready-to-cook meals from all over the UK.

Mrs Founder set up The Lakes Catering Company four years ago, catering for large parties, corporate events and holiday cottage guests.

Having worked for British Airways as a stewardess for 20 years, Mrs Founder took retirement but soon found that she 'hated it'.

"So I moved up to the Lake District and thought of something that would keep me busy, which was the Lakes Catering Company," she said.

The venture proved to be a successful one and Mrs Founder decided to capitalise on that success by expanding her business empire with Montgomery's.

"A lot of our guests that experienced our food in the holiday cottages were saying it's a shame that we can't take you back with us," Mrs Founder said.

Utilising fresh Lake District produce, customers can pick from dishes including confit duck leg roll, Herdwick lamb and sticky toffee pudding to be brought to their doorstep.

"We wanted to use all the local produce that we could," Mrs Founder, 56, said. "We make everything from scratch as that's my love from being a mum. I have always done everything from scratch."

The recipes utilised are the work of head chef Mike Thomas and the food arrives in an insulated, temperature controlled box that can then be either frozen or cooked from fresh.

"It suits everybody," Mrs Founder explained. "It's for people that want to have a dinner party and do not want to do all the cooking, people who want to have a party, young people that want to have something really special for a birthday."

Mrs Founder said that the 'sky is the limit' for the business and she hopes it will continue to expand and employ local people.

“From a standing start, we are overwhelmed by the fantastic comments we have been receiving from our customers within the last few weeks of the business opening," she said."

The business delivers to all over the UK and you can order online at