A WOMAN has celebrated the end of a sour marriage with a sweet divorce cake made by a quirky Ulverston baker.

Ulverston cake specialist Carmen Venn helped the customer celebrate the end of her marriage with a bloody three-tier murder scene in sponge.

The design comes complete with a murderous icing bride at the cake’s top and a butchered groom lying at the base.

Mrs Venn said she had taken on the job after a newly single woman approached her with a very specific request.

The 41-year-old said: “She asked for this design for a party and I said: ‘I don’t see why not. I like a challenge’.

“She was over the moon when I handed it on.

“It was taken to a divorce celebration at the Kill One Social Club in Barrow. The ex-husband doesn’t know a thing about it.”

Mrs Venn, who lives in Walney, added that her own husband John thought the design was brilliant.

“He didn’t think it was weird at all. He’s got a wicked sense of humour too.

“I’ve got a crafty streak in me. And it helps to have a sense of humour in baking.”

The happily-married couple hope Mrs Venn’s creative flair and technical decorating skills will help win custom at her two-storey cake supply store and teaching base, Carmen’s Cakes and Supplies, in Ulverston’s Market Street.

Mrs Venn’s 20 years of baking and catering experience have led her to take on a host of unusual cake commissions already, including busty women, Beetle cars, fantasy castles with dragons, Santa asleep in bed, and goldfish bowls.

She aims to pass on some of her creative flair with cake decorating lessons starting at the store after Easter.