NEW ticketing ‘improvements’ have been introduced on the Windermere Ferry following complaints from passengers about the unpopular self service machines.

The leader of Cumbria County Council, Cllr Stewart Young, announced at a Cabinet meeting that card payments could now be taken using contactless devices without the need for customers to leave their cars.


He said that for those paying by cash the instructions had been improved and staff would be on hand to help.

There will also, shortly, be two machines at each ferry head to ease queuing.

“We have also sourced new machines that are easier to use, which will be installed from September,” he said, adding: “The review is ongoing and I will share further updates as and when we have them.”

Cllr Ben Berry tabled a motion at a meeting of the full council demanding the implementation of a “payment solution which is swift, secure, and available on board whilst also safeguarding the income which the ferry generates.”

While welcoming the council’s action, Cllr James Airey, leader of the Conservative opposition on CCC, emphasised that the council now needed to build on these improvements.

“There is still a long way to go before the ferry is the world-class facility that a World Heritage Site deserves and we will be pushing for further improvements,” he said.