Dr Searle-Chatterjee raises the spectre of global warming (Leters, November 8, ‘Warming is a threat to us all’). She re-quotes scares that have been debunked on many occasions. She even mentions the supposed scientific consensus that is opposed by many thousands of other scientists.

She doesn’t mention that the Met Office, the International Panel on Climate Change and even Dr Jones of East Anglia University, now accept that there has been no warming for 15 years, despite increasing levels of CO2.

As to her alarmist talk of weather extremes, the IPCC also backed off from its position on this, and long-term studies of climate show extremes happening at various times in history, although not on TV. But warmists still try to obscure this.

Denmark’s wind turbines have not shut down coal-fired power stations, they need them for back-up.

Their carbon footprint is the biggest in Europe and electricity the most expensive. So not all Danes are happy. A Danish scientist hypothesised that, taking so much energy out of the wind (with thousands of turbines) will cause warming, due to the loss of the cooling effect.

What wind enthusiasts won’t accept is that, despite the UK being windy, converting wind to electricity and getting it into the grid is expensive, because of necessary back-up for when there is not enough wind (on average, 75 per cent of the time).

We are effectively having to double up. A study some months ago showed that, going down the current route (thousands more wind turbines) will cost ten times more to save the Government target of CO2 and supply electricity needs, than by using our fossil and nuclear energy effectively. How can we afford that?

This shows that ‘lots of wind, use it for electricity generation’, is not so simple for a modern society where so much of our well-being is based on reliable electricity at the touch of a switch.

Stephen Hinchliffe, Old Hutton