News broadcasts on television and radio can be depressing.

So many times recently I have heard the words: “The world is in a mess!”

There are conflicts of all kinds escalating throughout nations, while brutality, greed and neglect surround us and natural disasters seem to be more common.

It seems the problems of the future are almost overwhelming, too.

Those in a position to know the facts are publicly saying that things are not nearly as bad as they seem, but privately say they are worse.

Public officials take the approach to our national problems of keeping the unpleasant truth quiet as long as possible.

Reading my Bible has me believe things may only get worse, and days ahead be even more difficult – but our Lord has not left us without hope.

It is when we face the frightening prospects of our future that we find common ground with Jesus’ disciples.

As Christians, like the disciples, we may fear the future as we face the trials life can bring.

However we need not lose hope as we are told God will use any suffering to further us along the road to eternal life.

We are promised that as we share God in the world through word and action we can be assured of a wonderful future with Him in heaven.

The Rev Marion Mashiter

St Mark’s Church, Natland