I was distressed to read ‘Dangerous tree should be looked at - councillors’ (Gazette, August 10, about the Horse Chestnut tree on the bottom of Crag Brow at Bowness),

I am 74 and live in Blackpool and I receive the Gazette each week. I have been coming to the Lake District for days and holidays since a child and love it.

One of the first signs to see each time is the aforementioned tree - especially in autumn colours.

It somehow re-affirms that you’re in the ‘right’ place. I feel it is part of the ‘fabric’ of the Lakes.

I have even been known to hug the tree!

I hope the councillors will try to retain the tree, but I realise that safety must come first.

Perhaps an inspection regularly during its life would have prevented its current decay.

If the cost of ‘repair’ would be prohibitive (considering the current fiscal state) to employ a top tree-surgeon - how about a chance for interested people to donate? (Count me in!)

Miss R Taylor